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“Isn’t It Romantic” MOVIE REVIEW (& Parent Review)

Isn’t it Romantic stars Rebel Wilson as a woman who loathes Romantic Comedies, then conks her head and wakes up in one. There she finds a New York City that’s been coated in candy shell, and that men who previously didn’t notice her are suddenly smitten. She’s been given an updated version of everything, from her job to her clothes to apartment, and she now has a previously non-existent gay best-friend. She distrusts this alternate universe though, and tries desperately to return to the meaner, smellier New York of her home.
Isn’t it Romantic might be hilariously self-aware, but it IS still a Romantic Comedy and therefore falls into the same familiar traps (Is any woman THAT unaware of a man who’s crushing on her?). It makes up for any missteps with a sparkling supporting cast though, featuring Liam Hemsworth, Adam Devine, Priyanka Chopra and the best-friend we all deserve, Betty Gilpin. The true star of this show, and the reason Isn’t it Romantic is ultimately so satisfying, is Rebel Wilson. It soothes the soul to watch her fight the battles women wage daily, like being dismissed, insulted and ultimately unseen. She refuses to accept those slights though, on and off the screen, which is why her victories feel like our own. Rebel Wilson might usually play the underdog or “best friend,” but she’s truly gorgeous, hilarious and every bit a Movie Star. Isn’t it Romantic is perfect for those who love AND those who hate Romantic Comedies, and is probably your best bet for any Valentine’s Day outing (be it a date-night or a Galentine’s get-together). (A)
***MOMMY MOVIE REVIEW: Isn’t it Romantic is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for “language, some sexual material, and a brief drug reference.” The film has loads of fun with that rating, and often walks right up to the R-line, but never crosses it. That means there are several references to sex (and some pretty graphic penis jokes), but it never becomes explicit. There are some F-bombs though (I think I counted two) and and an extended joke about marijuana towards the end. I would recommend Isn’t It Romantic to mature 11-year-olds and up, because it’s bright, funny and so much fun to watch together. If you aren’t sure it’s right for your child, see it alone first to decide because you won’t mind seeing it twice!
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