Julie Says So: What’s Streaming Now (5/15)

Sometimes it feels like you’ve watched every watchable thing on TV, doesn’t it? I promise you haven’t though, and that streaming services are adding new content each week to keep you from reaching the end of that endless catalogue.

In fact, book-club aficionados should probably jump on I Know This Much is True from HBO. It’s a six-part adaptation of the popular Wally Lamb novel, in which Mark Ruffalo plays twin brothers working through a family crisis. Critics can’t stop gushing over Ruffalo’s performance, even if they can’t agree on the series as a whole (it’s currently getting 74% on Rotten Tomatoes).

If that’s a little too heavy for you, try The Happy Days of Garry Marshall. This 2-hour special revisits some of Marshall’s most popular shows (Happy Days, Mork & Mindy, Laverne & Shirley) and interviews the stars he worked with, like Julia Roberts, Ron Howard, Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Kimmel. It originally aired on ABC May 12th but you can watch it now on Hulu.

If you miss seeing Chris Evans in his Captain America tights, you can now find him on the Apple TV+ series Defending Jacob. Evans plays a District Attorney whose world is shattered when is son is charged with murder. Evans, along with a great supporting cast (including Jacob Martell and Michele Dockery) has even broken Apple TV+ records with Defending Jacob.

If you’ve been filling your quarantine hours with warm, fuzzy puppy videos, you should probably find It’s a Dog’s Life on Disney+. Legendary voice-actor Bill Farmer (he voiced Goofy and Pluto for 30 years) travels across the country to meet working dogs of all varieties and yes, it’s just as cuddly as it sounds.

And finally, there are just a few days left to watch the Conjuring house live-stream, courtesy of The Dark Zone. Paranormal investigators spent the past week in the infamously haunted home (that inspired the movie The Conjuring), performing seances and using ghost-detecting equipment to contact the unknown. Find out more about the live-stream HERE or you could just watch The Conjuring on Hulu.

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