Julie Says So: What’s Streaming NOW (for 4/30)

What Streaming THIS WEEK

Are you feeling the downward pull of the great quarantine “Meh?”

Well, most streaming outlets are premiering shows each week, so surely you can find something that will blow your skirt up. Especially if it comes from Emmy-winning writer, Greg Daniels.

You loved everything he did for The Office and Parks and Recreation, so you’ll probably enjoy Upload, too. This one is set in the future, where people who are near death can choose to be uploaded into a virtual afterlife. I’m envisioning The Good Place set in Pawnee, but those who’ve seen Upload are already giving it high marks. That debuts on Amazon Prime May 1st.

Not to be outdone, a second Emmy-winning hitmaker launches a new series May 1st. Ryan Murphy, who brought us gems like Glee, American Horror Story and Pose, introduces Hollywood on Netflix. This one stars some of his favorites (Darren Criss, Dylan McDermott) in a re-imagining of post-WWII Hollywood. Critics aren’t in love with this one but Hollywood looks just glossy and sexy enough to take for a spin.

The entertainment world did a collective spit-take when South by Southwest (or SXSW as it’s known) was canceled this year, due to Coronavirus concerns. Battles are currently brewing over ticket refunds, but Amazon Prime has been showing featured and short films from the line-up, as well as some of episodic projects. It’s free to Amazon Prime members so find out more at amazon.com/sxsw. Do it soon though because that ends May 6th.

Those who need a dose of Phobe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag, Killing Eve) should check out Run, starring Merritt Weaver and Domnhall Gleeson. It starts when Weaver receives a text that says only “run,” which launches her into a panic. Is it a mystery? A romance? A thriller? I have no idea but I’ll watch anything Waller-Bridge is attached to (she’s a recurring character, too). You can find Run on HBO Sunday nights.

And finally, Netflix is bringing back a slew of “classics” in May, from the first two Back to the Future movies to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. You could compare the original Willy Wonka to the remake, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, since they’ll both be available this month, then see if John Travolta’s Urban Cowboy holds up in modern, quaran-times. Then let us know what you’re watching in the “Comments” below, so we can ease the “Meh” together.

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