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The “Julie Says So” TOP 5 MOVIES to See Now (10/26/18)

It’s the weekend before Halloween and the perfect time for a SCARY MOVIE! Or maybe you’d prefer something that isn’t scary, if you’re a big chicken (yes, I’m making clucking sounds at YOU). Either way, don’t buy any tickets before looking over the Julie Says So TOP 5 MOVIES to see now. We can’t have you wasting money on some garbage-movie.

5. I didn’t think Jonah Hill did anything between films that didn’t involve a bong, but I was wrong. He actually wrote and directed a movie called Mid90’s which is far better than it deserves to be, since you’re just watching a kid get his butt kicked repeatedly. Mid90’s is truly phenomenal though, thanks to a stellar young cast (Sunny Suljic and Na-kel Smith are stand-outs) and one of the best soundtracks you’ll hear all year. And turn your volume down before watching this because it’s the RED BAND TRAILER!

4. Jamie Lee Curtis wanted this to be the LAST Halloween movie ever, but it broke several records AND made over 77 million dollars in it’s opening weekend. So, sorry Jamie Lee. Time to get back to work!

3. Ryan Gosling stars as Neil Armstrong in First Man and it’s directed by Oscar-darling, Damien Chazelle. So, why is it flopping at the box-office? Some insiders are blaming the “flag-controversy” (which you can read about HERE) while others think it hasn’t been out long enough to gauge. I think First Man is an exceptional film that sheds new light on the quiet heroes of space-travel. I also like how they portrayed Buzz Aldrin (Corey Stoll) as a prickly S.O.B.!

2. It might be based on a Young-Adult novel, but The Hate U Give is a ripped-from-the-headlines film about police violence that EVERYONE should see. In fact, the National Black Police Association in Philadelphia felt so strongly about it, they hosted a free screening for fellow officers. You can read more about that HERE, but add The Hate U Give to your Must See list first.

1. Seriously, why haven’t you seen A Star is Born yet? Think you won’t like it? Well, you’re wrong. Maybe you’re just worried about crying in public. Because you will. If anything, just watch it so you can see Willie Nelson’s son, Lukas, onstage. He co-wrote most of the songs in A Star is Born and plays Jackson Maine’s guitarist!

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