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What to Watch After “Joe Exotic”: Streaming NOW for 4/2/20

How’s everyone holding up? Are you staying at home? I just tried online grocery-shopping and like it much more than getting sneezed on in the check-out line. Give it a shot but know it will take 3-4 days (sometimes more depending on the store) to get your food. You’ll need something to watch while you’re eating all those beans and I can help.
If you binged Joe Exotic on Netflix and are looking for more animal-addicted weirdos, watch Roar from 1981. It stars Tippi Hedren and her daughter Melanie Griffith, and was directed by Hedren’s husband, Noel Marshall. Roar is about a wildlife enthusiast who lives with big cats and the actors actually filmed alongside these dangerous, uncaged animals. A rumored seventy members of the cast and crew were injured during production, including it’s stars, which is why Roar is now considered one of the most dangerous movies ever made. Order it HERE and read this article from while you watch it. And seriously, watch this trailer.

Or check out 2005’s Grizzly Man. It’s the true story of Timothy Treadwell, who studied and lived with bears in Alaska. Treadwell thought he’d befriended the grizzlies but the bears didn’t always agree. That’s why Grizzly Man‘s ending might turn your stomach even more than anything in Joe Exotic. Watch it for free on Tubi or Vudu.

If that’s all just a bit too gruesome for you, Bad Boys for Life and Sonic the Hedgehog are now available to rent. It’s a new month too, so some classic films are now streaming, like Die Hard on HBO or Blazing Saddles and Risky Business on Hulu.

And if that STILL doesn’t keep you indoors, all fourteen seasons of Forensic Files are now streaming for free on IMDBtv! So stay home, order those groceries online and remember to share YOUR favorite streamers in the “Comments” below.

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