Mommy Movie Review: What Age is Appropriate for Jordan Peele’s “Us”

Is it possible for ANY writer/director to not have a sophomore slump after a movie like Get Out? Jordan Peele gave us a film that was as interesting to watch as it was to discuss. It delivered a version of horror that we’d never seen before but with a heaping side of fun. We will be referencing Get Out’s music and messages for years, so is it even FAIR to expect that from Us?
I think audiences might like Us better if they didn’t know it came from Jordan Peele. They’d gobble up the fresh horror-concept and wouldn’t see the social commentary coming a mile away. Their expectations would be lowered and they would enjoy Us for what it is instead of comparing it to a modern masterpiece.
Us IS good. The acting is great and the story-line is surprising, which are two tremendous feats for any scary movie. I’m giving it an A- because I needed more explanation for the existence of this particular terror. Us also moves a little slowly at times, especially where the kids are involved. An A- is still a really good score because Us is still a really good movie. If you go in expecting Get Out levels of brilliance though, you will be disappointed.
But can you take your kids???
Many of us shared Get Out with our older kids making them, in turn, immediate Jordan Peele fans. My family owns Get Out on DVD and still watch it often, so my 14 and 11-year-olds fully expect to see Us. Here’s what to expect if your family is like ours and wants to watch it together.
Us is rated R by the MPAA for “violence/terror, and language.” It has about the same level of violence as Get Out, but it’s continuous throughout the movie. There is also much more blood and the bodycount is higher. Profanity starts off mild and gets more intense as the horror builds. It only hints at sexuality so a parent’s main concern will probably be the violence, language, and gore. The biggest difference between Us and Get Out though, is it’s emphasis on Family. The main characters always put each other first and each member is vital in their survival. Plus, this cast is excellent! Kids will relate to the son and daughter (played by Evan Alex and Shahadi Wright Joseph) and will especially appreciate Winston Duke’s lovable dad. This makes Us a movie the whole family could enjoy watching TOGETHER and is the main reason I’m recommending it to scary-movie-loving 13-year-olds and up. Younger kids who enjoy horror movies, like my 11-year-old, might be able to handle it too but, like always, you should watch it first before making that decision.
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