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MOMMY MOVIE REVIEW: What Age is Appropriate for “Deadpool 2”

There are 3 kinds of parents in the world:
Those who let their kids watch anything, those who won’t let their kids watch anything, and parents like me who fall in the middle. We tend to stress over the sex and violence our youngsters will see onscreen, but we still want to watch great movies with them. The MPAA rating system only works so much for Moms and Dads like us because we might not mind violence and profanity, but we still aren’t ready to sit through heated sex scenes with our older kids. So, what do parents like US do with a movie like Deadpool 2?
Well, the first thing you need to know about this movie is that it’s FANTASTIC. I’m not going to tell you anything about the story-line because everyone hates spoilers and you’ll enjoy Deadpool 2 more if you know nothing going in. You only need to know that fans of the first one will like this one just as much, maybe even more. Deadpool 2 is just as joyfully violent, irreverent and sore-abs-from-laughing FUNNY as the first, but there’s ONE THING that’s missing:
A sex scene.
The main reason I didn’t share the first Deadpool with my oldest daughter was Vanessa and Wade’s extended romp at the beginning. There is no such scene in Deadpool 2, though there’s still plenty of descriptive sex-talk and, of course, gore. There is ONE brief bit of nudity, but it’s so bizarre that I’m not comfortable even describing it. It comes during what I’ll call The Legs Scene, and it’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it quick. Don’t head to the bathroom at that point because it’s one of the funniest parts of the whole movie. Just cover your kid’s eyes once Domino (Zazie Beetz) shows up. I’m sitting here right now, laughing, just thinking about it.
Deadpool 2 is otherwise very similar to it’s predecessor, in all the best ways. I’m giving it an A, which is lower than the A+ I gave the first Deadpool, simply because it gets too sentimental at points. Despite it’s emotional streak, Deadpool 2 is an awesome, hilarious time at the movies that I look forward to sharing with my 14-year-old. Her 10-year-old sister, on the other hand, will be left at home and fuming.
If you still aren’t sure about taking your kids, watch the Red Band trailer below and know that Deadpool 2 is about 100x more profane than that.
Deadpool 2 is rated R and opens nationwide May 18th. You can buy tickets HERE.


  1. “The MPAA rating system only works so much for Moms and Dads like us because we might not mind violence and profanity, but we still aren’t ready to sit through heated sex scenes with our older kids.”
    REALLY? You’re comfortable sitting with your kids watching people get impaled and decapitated and splattered against a roadsign (all in DP1) but NOT comfortable with healthy sex scenes between consenting adults who actually love each other? That is absolutely backward and sad, and honestly pretty gross. Way to promote the idea to teens that violence is acceptable but healthy sex isn’t. What the hell.

    1. Lol healthy sex. Yes, like when Deadpool is getting pegged by his chick. Totally normal and healthy. Sure, explore as an adult but I truly hope my child isn’t pegging her boyfriend when she’s a teen. 10/10 dumbass comment. Congrats!

  2. I found this review very helpful!! Thank you. I was only worried about the sexual situations, as we’ve pretty much covered profanity and violence in our repertoire. “J” obviously doesn’t have any children and hopefully won’t be reproducing anytime in the near future and passing on those “judgey little shit” genes. When you’re a parent of a 14 year old, this is a very common and natural worry. We aren’t saying, “Hey, violence is great,” but we are open to talking about what we’ve seen and how it relates to real life. I, however, am not open to a conversation about why that lady put her strap on in Ryan Reynolds ass.

  3. Us parent’s who take the side of this issue, are not so much against Healthy Sex between two consenting adults in so much as we are against sitting there watching a healthy sex scene with our 13-16 year old children. I hope my son or two daughters aren’t having what you call Healthy Sex between two consenting individuals. Note i don’t say adults, because well they aren’t adults.

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