Mommy-Movie-Review: “Batkid Begins” (And Some Free Movie Passes!)

If you’re active on social media, you just might remember the day that a tiny Batman took over San Francisco.

It was November 15th, 2013 when thousands of people helped 5-year-old Leukemia survivor, Miles Scott live out his dream of being Batman. If you weren’t one of the hundreds of THOUSANDS who watched it in real-time on Twitter, it’s OK because now there’s a movie that chronicles not only Miles’ Dream-Day but also the years leading up to it.

Miles’ parents found out he had Leukemia when he was only 3-years-old. He qualified for a wish with the Make A Wish Foundation early on, but his family decided to wait until he had finished his treatment. What resulted was one of the biggest and most INVOLVED wishes in Make-A-Wish history. Check out the trailer for Batkid Begins.

I took my daughters to see Batkid Begins and it deeply affected all three of us, but on different levels. I related to Miles and his battle as a Mom but my girls related to him as kids watching another kid who battled cancer and got to do something AWESOME in the process. There are points when the movie drags as they try to recognize EVERYONE who was involved in his wish. I also felt a little sorry for Miles at the end of his Wish-Day, when he obviously wanted a nap but was still made to run all over town to “solve crimes.” Those are the only gripes I have about this otherwise precious film.

Batkid Begins is also a great movie to share with your kids and not just for the obvious reasons. YES, it’s good for them to see a kid triumph over cancer but they’ll also learn about cool, unexpected occupations like the costume designers who made Batkid’s outfit or the stuntmen who taught him how to jump and roll correctly. We’re even introduced to Oscar winning composer Hans Zimmer, who made a special “Batkid” theme-song, just for Miles. It’s also a great way to introduce kids to documentary films, since they might not realize they can enjoy a movie AND learn something in the process.

Batkid Begins is great for kids and parents alike though because it reminds us that one of the greatest feelings in the world comes from HELPING OTHERS. It makes us feel better about ourselves and more connected to the world around us but we tend to forget that fact almost as soon as we learn it. That’s why I’m giving Batkid Begins a B+. It’s a beautiful true story about a great kid and the world’s desire to help him, but it also reminds us to REACH OUT and BE THERE for one another. By the way, I have passes to a screening this upcoming Thursday so click HERE if you’d like to see Batkid Begins. Take some extra tissues though so you don’t have to use butter-soaked napkins to wipe your eyes!

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