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MOMMY MOVIE REVIEW: Can Kids See “Happy Death Day 2U?”

My kids and I loved the first Happy Death Day and were eagerly awaiting Part 2. It might sound strange that a family was excited about a scary Blumhouse flick, but Happy Death Day wasn’t your typical slasher fare. The Groundhog Day-meets-Scream concept-film managed to be scary (but not too scary) and funny. It was also rated PG-13 and therefore tame enough to share with older kids. We’ve watched it every time it’s been on cable since and have been counting the weeks to Happy Death Day 2U. We never expected it to be as good as the first and had no idea how they’d justify more repeated days, but we were still completely blindsided by the fact that Happy Death Day 2U is a love story! Sure, there are still loads of jump-scares and that stabby-baby gets plenty of screen-time, but this film takes sentimental turns (Yes, more than 1!) that we never saw coming. It didn’t bother us, but we’re not your typical slasher-audience anyhow. It might, however, be off-putting to those who just want to be scared and/or grossed-out. Happy Death Day 2U is still funny (I could watch Jessica Rothe in anything) and we get to see far more of Phi Vu, who was a stand-out in the first. The time-machine concept is extremely confusing though, and the plot-holes become increasingly difficult to forgive by the second half (Why is this working hospital always dark and completely empty?). If you’re also planning to take your kids, know that Happy Death Day 2U is rated PG-13, like the first. The MPAA gave it that rating for “violence, language, sexual material and thematic elements,” so it’s essentially just like Happy Death Day. Happy Death Day 2U might even be better for (older) kids, since it does have the touching twists. I’m recommending Happy Death Day 2U to mature 11-year-olds and up, but only if they like scary/slasher movies. If you’re looking for a way to introduce them to the genre, I would recommend the first Happy Death Day but, as usual, only after you’ve watched it first! (C)
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