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MOMMY MOVIE REVIEW: Can Kids See “The Nun”

I’m guaranteed a handful of shocked responses from parents whenever I write Mommy Movie Reviews for horror flicks like The Nun. I’m not suggesting that ANYONE should take their toddler, or even older kids who don’t like scary movies. These reviews are strictly for parents like me, whose kids WANT to be scared out of their wits.
So, if you allow your kids to see it or even offer to take them yourself, what can you expect from The Nun?
This film, like the others in The Conjuring franchise, is rated R for “terror, violence, and disturbing/bloody images.” Oh yes, you get oodles of that last one but surprisingly little else from The Nun. Yes, there’s blood but no sexuality and the only profanity I recall is of the DAMN-YOU-TO-HELL variety. The Nun is, on the other hand, filled to the brim with jump-scares. I, for one, am NOT a fan of this horror-movie tactic and feel it’s used when the story isn’t strong enough to incite fear on it’s own. Such is the case with The Nun, which spends more time jumping off the screen at it’s audience than giving any real character or story development. Oddly enough, that might be even better for kids because they never get emotionally invested in the characters or plot. The Nun becomes more of a cheap thrill-ride than a film that could possibly traumatize them.
Oh, it WILL scare them though.
The Nun will make your kids (and probably you) wary of darkened hallways, misty meadows and any convent they might stumble upon. They might even have a nightmare or two, about being trapped in buried coffins or flying nuns who look nothing like Sally Field, but isn’t that the point? Most kids don’t want to see horror movies with deep, dark storylines that will haunt them into adulthood. They want films like The Nun so they can scream, cover their eyes, and laugh with their friends about how far they jumped out of their seats. If that’s the case, then The Nun definitely delivers. You can forget about sending your kids to church after this one, though. Especially one that’s old, poorly lit, and populated entirely by nuns.
You can buy tickets to see The Nun HERE.

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