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Mommy Movie Review: Can Kids See “A Quiet Place”

Many parents wouldn’t consider taking their kids to a film that’s been called “the best horror movie in a couple of decades,” because they don’t want to traumatize their offspring.
Then there are people like me, whose children laugh at the scary movies of their youth. My oldest daughter rolled her eyes all the way through the first Poltergeist and wouldn’t even finish The Omen because it was “so dumb.” She shrugged at The Ring, describing it as “more weird than scary,” and decided The Sixth Sense was “too sad to be a proper horror film.”
Kids like HER simply deserve films like A Quiet Place.
This one stars John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as parents trying to raise a family in the near future. The farm they live on is surrounded by monsters who are blind but will attack at the slightest sound. Therefore, the family must live in complete silence.
This use of sound provides some excellent jump-scares and makes for an intense, heart-pounding movie experience. A Quiet Place is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for “terror and some bloody images.” There is no profanity or any sexuality to speak of, and it is a truly scary movie.
In fact, A Quiet Place is probably perfect for kids like my 14-year-old who can watch films like The Conjuring, then go straight to bed and sleep like a baby. That’s right Emma, let’s see you roll your eyes at THIS ONE!

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