MOMMY-MOVIE-REVIEW: Can My Kid Watch “Jurassic World?”

You can forget all the “KIDS” movies that are coming out this summer. My girls want to see the movie that has dinosaurs running amok and eating humans like they’re donuts. Yes, my daughters want to see Jurassic World and since they’re 7 and 11-years-old, I have mixed feelings about that. I’m apparently not alone either because I’ve gotten several messages from friends who want to know if it’s “Kid Friendly.” As is usually the case, that all depends on the KID.

This movie picks up 20 years after the first Jurassic Park. Jurassic World has been open for quite a while and the excitement over it’s dinosaurs has waned. A new, genetically modified dinosaur is engineered with hopes of bringing in more crowds. Those plans are dashed when it breaks out and goes on a killing spree. Chris Pratt is the leading man and I KNOW he’s a kid (AND Mom) favorite in our house. Pratt plays a raptor handler, who is training the dinosaurs like they’re big, dangerous dogs. Bryce Dallas Howard plays the woman in charge of Jurassic World, but she’s too busy to notice when her young nephews go missing in the park. That’s why rescuers must be sent to find the boys once the genetically modified dinosaur makes it’s escape. If you’re thinking, “Wow, that sounds JUST LIKE the first Jurassic Park,” you’d be absolutely right.

The best way to gauge how your kid will feel about this movie is to show them the first Jurassic Park. If they can handle it than they should be OK with the new one, even though it DOES HAVE MORE GRAPHIC VIOLENCE. I only remember a handful of people meeting their demise via dino the first time but in this one, tourists get picked off by the dozen. The attacks come quickly though and the camera doesn’t linger on the victims, which might be helpful for more sensitive kids. There is also mild profanity, but probably nothing worse than what they’ve heard from their Dads.

I didn’t LOVE Jurassic World and as a Film Critic, I only gave it a C. As a MOM though, I’m giving Jurassic World a thumbs-up for kids who’ve seen and enjoyed the first film. Yes, it will frighten them and they WILL be jumping out of their seats, but that’s exactly what they’re SUPPOSED to do. It will be even more fun because you’ll be jumping out of your seats together!


  1. What about toddlers? My youngest is weeks away from being 3 and she is an absolutely fan of all things dinosaur. She watched the original with me and wasn’t bothered at all, but of course, this was at home and not a huge loud theatre. We are unsure whether to take her (along with our 11 yr old daughter) or not.

    1. If she was fine with the first, she’ll probably be fine with this one. I would go with 2 adults though, just in case it WAS too much and someone had to take her out of the theater. Please let us all know how she does if you DO take her. I’m sure everyone would like to use you as a guinea pig!

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