Balthazar Brat

Mommy-Movie-Review: “Despicable Me 3”- This Time, A Villain Steals the SHOW

I took my kids to see Despicable Me 3 the other night, but I had to bribe them. The girls were so disinterested in Gru and the Minions this time around that they’d only see it if I smuggled brownies into the theater (sorry AMC!). I also had plenty of things that I’d rather do that night but I had to go because I am a Film Critic and Film Critics see movies. Even the ones they don’t want to see.

Fortunately for all three of us, Despicable Me 3 is far better than expected. It has all of the things we enjoyed in the earlier pictures (great animation, a sweet family story and Minions for DAYS) but this DM3 offers something even better.

It has what is quite possibly the BEST onscreen villain I’ve seen since Goldfinger:
The Brat.

Trey Parker (yes, the South Park guy) voices Balthazar Brat, who was once a child star but is now a forgotten has-been. He played a ruthless child-villain in his glory days and has spent the rest of his life actually fulfilling that role. He is also hopelessly stuck in the 1980’s, so everything he does is steeped in Rubix-Cube culture. Every move he makes is done to the beat of a Michael Jackson classic and The Brat rocks a mullet that would make Patrick Swayze jealous. He steals every scene he’s in and if The Brat starred in his own movie, I would gladly watch it. The man even has a key-tar that shoots lasers.

Yes, the Minions are cute when they go to prison and it’s nice to watch Gru meet his twin brother Dru, but when you spend money to see Despicable Me 3, it will all be worth it for The Brat. –B-

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