Annabelle: Creation

MOMMY-MOVIE-REVIEW: Is “Annabelle: Creation” OK for Kids?

I get the occasional angry comment when I talk about watching scary movies with my kids. They usually come from people who don’t actually have children, though. Breeders like ME know that kids out grow Disney flicks and eventually want to watch something more exciting. That’s when they start relentlessly badgering parents about seeing movies that the Motion Picture Association of America has deemed inappropriate for them. These are often the same kids who watch The Walking Dead or equally scary fare, who are familiar with the type of violence the MPAA frowns on.

This is where I come in.

I have a 13-year-old girl who wants to watch everything. Is it scary? Would it make a grown man shiver and ask for a nightlight? Then my daughter wants to see it. Her favorite scary movie of all time is The Conjuring. She laughed when I showed her the original Poltergeist and declared that The Ring is, “more weird than scary.”

Can a kid like her handle Annabelle: Creation? Absolutely.

Annabelle: Creation tells us how that creepy doll became haunted in the first place. It introduces us to her maker and explains how she became a conduit for all kinds of terrible things. Then it sets her loose on a gaggle of little girls and THAT’S when the fun really starts.

There is no profanity in this movie and not a single hint of sexuality.

Annabelle: Creation is, however, REALLY SCARY. I had chills running down both arms and legs and at one point, even felt them on my scalp. It’s the FUN kind of scary that you want from this type of film, though. There IS more gore and violence than I recall from earlier movies that featured Annabelle, but nothing that will shock older kids who watch The Walking Dead. I recommend seeing Annabelle: Creation at a movie theater, where people can scream in terror and yell, “DON’T GO IN THERE,” directly at the screen. I was guilty of both, which anyone sitting within five rows of me can attest to.

Will your kids have trouble sleeping after Annabelle: Creation? Probably. Will they turn every light in the house on for the next week and have a sudden fear of dolls? Absolutely. Will they remember certain scenes from Annabelle: Creation for years to come? Yes, but isn’t that the point? And will they have an absolute blast while screaming, covering their eyes, and begging certain cast members to “GET OUT OF THERE, NOW?” Yes, and you will too.
Annabelle: Creation is rated R but I would’ve given it a PG-13. It opens August 11th and you can find tickets HERE.

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