MOMMY-MOVIE-REVIEW: Is “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” OK For My Kids?

It’s funny how ALL kids today (not just the comic-book readers) are interested in superheroes. Maybe it’s because of the Avengers, or maybe it’s thanks to the nonstop commercials that run during their favorite Disney shows. Whatever the reason, it can put parents in a tight spot when their kids want to see violent, PG-13 films like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. My own daughters have already been asking to see it, though they aren’t nearly as invested in these characters as they are Thor and Captain America.

There are several pros and cons to Batman v Superman, but the first and foremost is that it’s simply NOT a good movie. It’s too long (153 minutes without the opening trailers) and completely overwrought. There is absolutely no humor to it at all and the only laughter I heard was when Batman uttered, “Sh*t.” We finally get a female superhero in Wonder Woman (played by an awesome Gal Gadot), but she’s underdeveloped and doesn’t get into the action until the very last act. Kids who are familiar with DC Comics and the characters’ stories will appreciate this movie, but it might be too long and grim for anyone else (grown-ups included).

I’ve made no secret of my dislike for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (I gave it an F) but there are a few reasons to consider taking your kids. This is the first of several films planned around these characters. Gal Gadot is already working on Wonder Woman the movie and Jason Mamoa is filming Aqua Man. Two Justice League films, featuring characters introduced here, are planned for the future and Ben Affleck (who is actually a solid Bruce Wayne) will star in at least one more Batman picture. Affleck will also play Batman in Suicide Squad this summer, but that one might get an R-rating so you probably wouldn’t take your kids anyhow. The rest of these films just might be great fun for you and your superhero-loving kids, so it would make sense to see Batman v Superman first.

If you choose to do so, know that there is some mild profanity but no F-bombs. Superman has an extended chat with Lois Lane when she’s in the bathtub, but no dirty bits ever show themselves. Superman v Batman has a great deal of violence, but it’s no more than what we’ve seen in other PG-13 superhero films. The only real drawback to this movie is that it’s bad.
So, will I be taking my girls?
Well, we discussed it and after hearing my thoughts, they’ve decided to wait. My daughters would rather save their ticket money for Captain America: Civil War and watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice when it comes out on cable. Thank goodness, because I don’t think I could sit through that nonsense a second time!

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