MOMMY-MOVIE-REVIEW: Is “Captain America: Civil War” OK for Kids?

Those of us who have MARVEL fans for kids have some big decisions to make this weekend. Oh, its NOT whether or not to see Captain America: Civil War. No, that’s definitely going to happen because we’re just as excited to see it as our kids. No, we have to decide when and where we’ll see it, and IF we’ll spend the extra cash for full-blown IMAX 3D.

See, we wouldn’t miss Captain America: Civil War if The Hulk himself was blocking the door, so this blog isn’t for people like us.

No, I want to talk to all the other parents out there who DON’T watch the MARVEL movies with their kids. If you have little ones who have no interest, you’re excused. Go watch Bubble Guppies and eat Cheerios with them but for the rest of you, why?

The response I hear the most often is, “I don’t like Superhero movies.”

I get that. In fact, I said those very same words for years and didn’t realize I was wrong until the first Avengers movie. Not only did I love it, I also couldn’t wait to take my kids to see it. It was a too intense for my youngest then, so I took her big sister and she ate it up like a bag of Skittles. We spent the time waiting for the NEXT Avengers movie catching up on everything we’d missed with Thor, Captain America and Iron Man (though we did skip Iron Man 2). We’ve seen every new MARVEL flick that’s hit the screen since, and eventually started dragging little Lucy with us, too.

The BEST part is that I don’t have to fake enthusiasm for these films. They are well told stories about intriguing characters, who are excellently portrayed by some awesome actors. The fact that they’re superheroes becomes secondary.

Furthermore, as our kids get older, it will become harder and harder to connect with them. They will start pulling away and the things we have in common will start to dwindle. These stories and characters will (hopefully) never grow old though, so it’s something we can always share. Our kids might get too cool for the Avengers for a while, but they’ll never really outgrow them.

I have to admit that, as much as I love Thor and Ant Man, my favorite part of the Avengers is sharing the excitement with my kids.

So, those of you who are taking your kids to see Captain America: Civil War should expect the same level of violence and mild profanity that was in the last two Avengers movies. There is a great deal of in-fighting too which is upsetting at times, but otherwise HAVE FUN! My daughters and I all gave Captain America: Civil War an A+ and now claim it to be our favorite Marvel movie.

For the rest of you, I recommend starting at Iron Man and working your way chronologically up. You can skip Iron Man 2 and give yourself 2 days to get through the first Captain America, because it’s extremely long and slow at times. Also, don’t forget Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Rent all those movies, pop the popcorn, and call everyone in for a Family Movie Night. See, the real question here isn’t whether or not you should take your kids to see Captain America: Civil War. It’s WHY WOULDN’T YOU?

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