Mommy-Movie-Review: Is “Spider-Man: Homecoming” OK for Kids?

Before we discuss taking your kids to see Spider-Man: Homecoming, we should probably address how YOU feel about it. Odds are, you’re still confused about the need for a reboot (especially since they JUST rebooted it with Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker) and, as a result, you’re apathetic about the whole thing.

Let me clue you in to a few solid reasons for you to NOT be apathetic about Spider-Man: Homecoming.

First of all, Spidey has officially moved into the Marvel film universe, which means that Peter Parker can now get direction from Iron Man and practice his skills on Captain America. It also means a team of top-notch writers and access to excellent actors for a supporting-cast (Michael Keaton, Donald Glover, Zendaya and Marisa Tomei to name only a handful). This elevates the franchise from Passable to Marvel-level, which is GREAT for those of us who love The Avengers films.

Secondly, this Spider-Man movie focuses as much on Peter Parker’s high-school adventure as it does on his battle with The Vulture (again, a searing Michael Keaton who gives his bad-guy a humanity rarely seen in villains). It gives Homecoming a welcomed and refreshing slant. Think Marvel-meets-John Hughes and watch for an excellent Ferris Bueller’s Day Off homage.

And finally, our NEW Spider-Man himself is everything that Peter Parker deserves. 21-year-old Tom Holland looks young enough to pass for 15 and he has the sparkling ebullience of a wide-eyed teen. He also manages to be goofy and graceful, all at the same time. This is no fluke, as Tom Holland is an accomplished dancer who graduated from the challenging BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology. He even played Billy Elliot on the London stage. Holland is also quietly handsome, which is a point that’s still being discussed by my daughters (I’m pretty sure my 13-year-old has watched every YouTube video out there that features him).

These three factors combined make Spider-Man: Homecoming a fantastic treat.

What do parents need to know about it? Well, you should expect the usual level of PG-13 violence that’s featured in Marvel films. Our high-schoolers use loads of mild profanity and I recall ONE reference to pornography (also mild). You should be warned that one scene features Zendaya executing a near-perfect middle-finger. It’s so smooth and effortless, it might make your kids take the bird for a test-drive. I know that it made ME want to flip off everyone I know.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is otherwise a BLAST and a movie you’ll enjoy sharing with your Marvel-loving kids. As a Peter Parker fan from my preschool days, I can say that THIS is the best Spider-Man yet and my kids claim it’s the best MARVEL movie EVER. I might even have to agree with them. –A+
Spider-Man: Homecoming opens July 7th and you can buy tickets HERE.


  1. Michael Keaton’s character is THE VULTURE, not the Falcon. Falcon is Sam Wilson who is a member of the Avengers just FYI.

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