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MOMMY-MOVIE-REVIEW: “Pixels” With My Kids

You know what’s great? Seeing a movie you THINK is going to be mediocre and then you end up having a blast. You know what’s even better? When you go with your KIDS and they experience the EXACT SAME THING. My girls weren’t excited about seeing Pixels. Why? I don’t really know. They don’t suffer from the same Adam-Sandler-Migraine their mother does so I don’t have a good answer. They ARE self-proclaimed gamers however and consider the games I played as a kid (Pac-Man and Tetrus specifically) as “OLD SCHOOL.” They also like the way I cringe whenever they call it that. But even they (the jaded-little-monsters that they are) walked out of Pixels with a smile on their face and a skip in their step. It’s hard NOT to when you see a movie that’s this much FUN!

That doesn’t mean it isn’t ridiculous. It’s an Adam Sandler movie about video games from the 1980’s attacking the world so OF COURSE it’s ludicrous. There are too many eye-roll-moments to even COUNT in Pixels but it’s so infectious and funny, I didn’t care. Now, I saw this one with my 7 & 11-year-old girls but it IS rated PG-13. There IS a great deal of profanity and as my youngest pointed out, “Even the GOOD GUYS were saying BAD WORDS!” You’ll need to have another “Why You Shouldn’t Use Foul Language” conversation with your kids after seeing Pixels because Peter Dinklage in particular makes swearing look really fun. You’ve been warned.

I’m giving Pixels a B but I DID have the benefit of very low expectations. My kids also loved this one so much that I decided they should write their OWN movie reviews. Here they are:

Emma Reviews Pixels Last night we saw the movie Pixels. It was about video games that come to life. My favorite part of the movie was when they got Qbert because he was cute. My least favorite part was the end because it was confusing. I also didn’t understand all of the jokes but Mom said they were ’80s references. I’m still giving Pixels an A because it was SOOO much better than I thought it would be and I really loved it. I also can’t wait to get the soundtrack because the music was AWESOME!

Lucy Reviews Pixels We saw the movie Pixels yesterday. It was GREAT! My favorite part was when Pac-Man comes in because it was kind of scary. My least favorite part was the ending because I didn’t understand what was happening and I didn’t recognize all of the video game characters. I also didn’t like all the bad language. There is A LOT! I’m giving Pixels an A- though because it was funny and awesome!

Click HERE to find tickets to see Pixels. Some theaters are having a Minions/Pixels Double-Feature, if you want to make a whole night of it!

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  1. Adam Sandler rocks! Loved Pixels, brought back the fun 80’s…music was
    on the money. Loved all the actors,but missed his regulars…Chris,Steve,
    Rob,Drew and all the other zany comics who bring magic to the screen.
    If movie profits are down, look to the shrinking middle class…it’s the economy….not Mr. Sandler.

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