Alien: Covenant

MOVIE REVIEW- “Alien: Covenant” Sorry, But I Don’t Get It

Seriously, what am I missing with this franchise?
I’ll admit that I loved the first Alien movie, like pretty much everyone else in the world. I never understood the need to tell that story over and over again though, or the thrill of repeatedly watching astronauts run around a doomed spacecraft (not even when Predator got involved). I DID get excited when I found out Ridley Scott was making the movies again, and that he had a whole new backstory for the monster. Promethus might not have been a great movie (it deserves props for Michael Fassbender’s freaky David and the do-it-yourself C-section), but it did set up an exciting, updated chapter to the Alien story. We were promised trips to new worlds and the introduction of an advanced race that might explain our very existence.
What Ridley Scott delivers with Alien: Covenant though, is just another Alien movie. Everything about it is the same, with a few tweaks to further the story. What about the new worlds or those Engineers we heard about in Prometheus? Well, they (much like James Franco) end up playing a smaller role than expected so more time can be spent watching baby aliens burst out of bodies.
I rolled my eyes throughout Alien: Covenant, and occasionally laughed out loud at the lame dialogue (Billy Crudup’s conflicted Christian gets the worst of it). There’s also a gratuitous sex-scene that Ridley Scott should be spanked for (and not in a good way). I was full-blown insulted by the time the lights came up and walked out of the theater ready to share my Alien: Covenant vitriol with my film critic friends.
What I found in the lobby instead were crowds of jubilant Alien fans, excitedly discussing their favorite parts of the film. There were a few eye-rollers like me, but we were far out-numbered by people who thought Alien: Covenant was “riveting” and “groundbreaking.” The scenes I found repetitive were reverent in their eyes and they stared at me in wonder when I announced that I didn’t like the movie.
So, where does that leave YOU? Will it be worth your time and hard earned money to see Alien: Covenant in the theater? I think YES, if you’re a fan of the franchise who relishes any chance to see the monster onscreen. If you are like me and didn’t understand the need for a continued story, then maybe wait until it’s at the Dollar Theater or on cable. If you simply love Michael Fassbender and have longed for a movie that features a pseudo-love-scene between TWO of him then you, my friend, are in luck. –D


  1. I stopped with the Alien series after Alien3. Not that I hated 3 as some did; I love David Fincher as a director and loved his take on things. I just didn’t see a point of continuing the story past that point. Won’t see this new one.

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