MOVIE REVIEW: Can Vin Diesel Launch A Franchise With “The Last Witch Hunter?”

Will someone please explain Vin Diesel to me?

I know everyone loves him and YES, I also adored Grut and the Iron Giant, but Vin Diesel the action hero? Sorry… I simply don’t get it.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I get that he LOOKS like an action hero, but then he opens his mouth. It’s kind of like watching a well-dressed brick act it’s way through scene.

I feel guilty saying that because he seems like a nice guy. He MUST be nice to continuously get work the way he does but for ME, Vin Diesel has the potential to kill a film. Sadly, that is the case for The Last Witch Hunter.

I like almost everything else about this movie. I like the idea of an ancient witch hunter as much as I like the modern day witches themselves. I love the Harry-Potteresque sets and how the story flashes back and forth in time. I especially like Vin Diesel’s co-stars, Michael Cain, Elijah Wood and Rose Leslie. The movie has to be carried by Diesel though and he just CAN’T. Every line he delivers lands with a thud. I laughed out loud when Diesel grunted, “We haven’t much time,” because it sounded like Grut was stuck in traffic.

The Last Witch Hunter could’ve been the start of an interesting franchise. Hell, according to Vin, they’re already prepping for Part 2! I think it would have had a better shot though, with an actor more capable of depth and sincerity. Sorry Vin. You seem like a really nice guy and I bet you smell fantastic but YOU are the reason I’m giving The Last Witch Hunter a D.

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