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MOVIE REVIEW: “Glass” Nineteen Years for THIS?

Glass reminds me of playing make-believe in my backyard when I was a little kid.
We’d run around and chase each other, making up the story as we went along. One kid would always get a little out-of-hand and jump on the rest of us (James McAvoy) while someone else would try to play the Mastermind and control everything (Samuel L. Jackson). There was always one kid who seemed embarrassed and kept trying to leave, too (Bruce Willis). Then my big sister would come outside and make-fun of all of us (Sarah Paulson), which would ultimately squash the whole thing.
Yep, that is Glass in a nutshell.
It’s M. Night Shyamalan’s follow-up to Unbreakable from 2000 and 2017’s Split. He claims he’s been working on this story for almost twenty years, so I’m not sure why it’s such a mess. Superhero-like characters from the earlier films are brought together to battle, but realize their nemesis is a psychiatrist (Sarah Paulson) and not each other. She believes their powers are rooted in mental illness, and plans to institutionalize them all. Shyamalan then throws in his patented (and now fully expected) twists, which are delivered with wide-eyed he-was-a-ghost-all-along enthusiasm. The story isn’t strong enough to support any surprises though, and Glass becomes as confusing and cluttered as kids playing make-believe in the yard.
In short, Glass is bad. So bad it’s hard to watch. I even covered my eyes with my jacket a few times. I’m afraid I can only recommend Glass to those who love dissecting superhero theories or who’ve been waiting for that Unbreakable follow-up since 2000. I’d also recommend it to those who loved James McAvoy’s performance in Split so much that they want to watch eight more hours of it (the movie isn’t that long, it just feels like it). Oh, and I’d also recommend Glass to the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons but everyone else should just see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse again. (F)
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