MOVIE REVIEW: “I’ll See You In My Dreams” & Blythe Danner at the DIFF!

Emmy and Tony winning actress Blythe Danner is coming to town!

She will be at the Dallas International Film Festival’s Opening Night on April 9th, where she will accept The Dallas Star Award. Blythe is known to many as Gwyneth Paltrow’s mother, which is too bad because she was a great actress before she ever became a mom. Danner starred in Pat Conroy’s The Great Santini and The Prince of Tides long before she made any of those Focker movies, and who can forget her run as Will’s mom on Will & Grace?

Blythe will also attend a screening of her latest film I’ll See You In My Dreams on DIFF’S Opening Night. She plays Carole, a widow in her 70’s who tentatively re-enters the dating pool. She developes a surprising relationship with her pool-boy before diving head first into a new relationship with a mysterious man. This film also stars Mary Kay Place, June Squibb and Rhea Perlman (who seems cuter and funnier now than she did 20 years ago). There’s a scene involving the ladies and some medical grade marijuana that has given me a whole new perspective on retirement.

I was lucky enough to see I’ll See You In My Dreams today and I feel I should warn you that Carole’s dog dies in the first 10 minutes. I didn’t see that coming and had a big, snotty cry right there in the theater. My movie-buddy handed me his popcorn napkins to try and stop the downpour but it was useless. The movie gets much lighter after that (for a while at least) so don’t give up on it after Hazel. Oh God…POOR HAZEL!

I have a few minor gripes about the obvious wealth of the characters (“I bought a boat! Let’s take a cruise to Iceland! Wait, I need to finish my expensive Chardonnay first.”) but I ultimately thought this movie was a sweet exploration of sex, loss, and friendship after retirement. That’s why I’m giving I’ll See You In My Dreams a B.

If you would like to see it and Blythe Danner at the Dallas International Film Festival’s Opening Night, here’s a link to buy tickets. WARNING: Opening Night tickets are not cheap so if you want to go, you might have to dip into YOUR retirement fund. DIFF tickets

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