Lion King

MOVIE REVIEW: “The Lion King” Disney Fixes the Unbroken (Again)

Are you wondering about Disney‘s remake of The Lion King? Well, here’s my review in the form of an analogy.
Remember the time you went to see that band you loved in concert? You waited all night to hear your favorite song but when they started playing it, you realized it was a brand new version?
It wasn’t a bad version, though. It was actually quite nice and something you probably would’ve liked if you hadn’t fallen in love with the original in the first place. Your friends, who had never heard the original, enjoyed the heck out of it and acted like you were being a jerk for not liking the song.
Then you got a little mad at yourself for being so cranky and set-in-your-ways that you couldn’t accept the new version. So you straightened up and sang along, but ran home, dug out the cassette, and listened to that original as soon as you could.
Well, that’s the Lion King of 2019 in a nutshell.
It isn’t bad. It’s actually quite good. It isn’t the Lion King you fell in love with back in 1994 though, and you just might end up resenting it for that. (B)

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