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MOVIE REVIEW: Is “Long Shot” Worth a Shot?

I’d completely understand if you saw the trailer for Long Shot and decided to blow it off. This rom-com with a side of politics doesn’t exactly scream “Must See,” but you absolutely should anyway. Long Shot is far better than the trailer lets on and, if you haven’t noticed, it ISN’T a superhero movie!
Long Shot stars Charlize Theron as the U.S. Secretary of State, who decides to take a run at the presidency. She hires a controversial columnist (Seth Rogen) to be her speechwriter and an unexpected romance starts to bloom. If you’re rolling your eyes at that last part, know that their relationship is surprisingly believable and one you’ll eventually be rooting for.
Long Shot doesn’t let the love-story carry the movie though, and continues to make poignant statements about modern relationships, sexism, racism, environmental issues and the country’s distrust of government (both red and blue). It also explores the concessions adults make to achieve their goals and what we lose in the process, all while delivering rapid-fire laughs. In short, Long Shot is far better than it deserves to be and, in spite of that lackluster trailer, is one you definitely SHOULD see. (B+)
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