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MOVIE REVIEW: “Rings” Is Already My #1 Movie of 2017

Yes, you read that correctly. Rings (the third follow-up to The Ring) is already #1 on my list of The WORST Movies of 2017 and it will take a real Whopper-of-Suck to top it.
This one stars Matilda Anna Mildred Lutz and if you’re struggling to remember any of those names, don’t bother. Her acting style is along the lines of Middle School Drama Club, with a heaping dose of dead-behind-the-eyes. Lutz is an Italian model, so part of the problem might be that she’s faking a language she doesn’t understand. It’s spotlighted by decent (if not somewhat embarrassed) performances by good actors, like Vincent D’Onofrio and Johnny Galecki.
Sadly, the premise of Rings is kind of interesting. The video from the first film is very effective, so what if it was studied? Could it be used as proof of an afterlife? How could researchers learn about it without consistently dying off? Unfortunately, that idea gets lost in a slurry of sexy college students and dead kids crawling out of TV sets. Even worse, Rings isn’t scary. At all. I jumped once and it was from a barking dog. Scenes that are supposed to be scary elicit laughter instead. Even the Rings on a Plane bit at the beginning didn’t help (You’ll understand when you see it. Wait, you’re still going to see it?)
Sorry but the only person who might scream while watching Rings would be Koji Suzuki, who wrote the first book. –F

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