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MOVIE REVIEW: See “Booksmart” & Not Just Because Olivia Wilde Told You To

I saw the saddest tweet from actress and newly minted director Olivia Wilde this morning.

See Booksmart!
Awww, sorry Olivia!

I took this one personally because, with all the madness that is May, I simply forgot to write a review of Booksmart. Now it’s in theaters and people are apparently NOT seeing it, even though it will probably be one of their favorite films of the summer.
Booksmart follows Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and Molly (Beanie Feldstein) as they wrap up their senior year of high school and prepare for Ivy League life. These overachievers soon realize that their far-less-serious classmates are also heading to prestigious universities and that their years of library-time might have been somewhat wasted. Amy and Molly decide to cram 4 years of high school antics into 1 night, but it tests their friendship in unexpected ways.
Booksmart isn’t a perfect movie by any stretch. There’s a weird claymation bit that doesn’t land well and we’ve seen FAR too many “high school through the lens of one dope house party” films. It does, however, perfectly nail that end-of-high-school excitement/angst that no one really warns you about. Booksmart also gives a refreshing take on modern teenagers, who are often overachievers with exciting futures but who still want to play beer pong and hook-up. My favorite part of Booksmart is the ride-or-die friendship between Amy and Molly, though. We don’t often seen the perspective of SMART and FUNNY young women who love each other dearly and openly. TV and Film loves the Mean Girl who keeps other women around just to torment them, but female relationships go so far beyond that. There’s also no greater gift than a pal who has your back and makes you laugh when you need it most. That’s what makes Booksmart a gem and a film you NEED TO SEE! Seriously, Olivia Wilde told you to! (A)
WARNING: Deliciously dirty Red Band Trailer!

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