MOVIE REVIEW: Can “Spider-Man: Far From Home” Make the HUGE Leap from “Endgame?”

Imagine being the first Marvel film released AFTER Avengers: Endgame.
It almost isn’t fair, is it? Following on the heels of a film that brought all of our favorite superheros together (and even took some away) would be an enormous challenge for any picture, but especially one that had such deep connections to one of the departed (I’m just now realizing how hard it will be to write this review without any A) Spider-Man: Far From Home or B) Avengers: Endgame spoilers). Thankfully, Spider-Man: Far From Home and it’s youthful vibe is the perfect direction to take.
Peter Parker (a slightly older but still believably young Tom Holland) tries to enjoy a European field trip with his classmates, but a villain rears it’s head and battles must be fought. Far From Home is surprisingly formulaic in the onset, from it’s introduction of a “bad guy” down to it’s fight sequences. Twists are thankfully introduced and the film quickly goes in a new direction. It also ties in Endgame realities (kids who didn’t age during the “blip” and fundraisers for those displaced by it) while also dealing with Peter Parker’s enormous loss (again…spoilers!). This might be why Spider-Man’s battle with his new nemesis struggles to take center-stage amid Iron Man references and teenage-love-stories (yes, we have more than one). I don’t mind this because the massive fight sequences tend to be my least favorite aspect of these films, which probably makes me a rotten superhero fan.
I’d like to give Marvel writers props for their new vision of MJ (played by Zendaya), even though I’m conflicted by her. It’s so refreshing to see a defiantly odd but clearly brilliant young woman play “the love interest.” Nothing about this MJ is like superhero girlfriends we’ve seen in the past, and it’s wildly refreshing. Their relationship isn’t convincing though, which is odd since they’re supposedly off-screen pals. I wish they could generate a bit more chemistry, because I’m already rooting for them.
I also want to remind you NOT TO LEAVE before the end credits have completed, since half the theater walked out at our screening. This is a Marvel movie folks! Avengers: Endgame didn’t have scenes in the credits, but that doesn’t mean they’ve given them up completely! There are two scenes in the credits this time and the first one is pivotal. Miss that and you’ve missed an important twist in Far From Home. Oh well, guess you’ll just have to see it again! (A)
***Parents who are wondering about Spider-Man: Far From Home should know that it’s rated PG-13 for “sci-fi action violence, some language and brief suggestive comments.” The violence is on-par with every other Marvel film and the profanity is usually interrupted or muttered. The “suggestive comments” will be a parent’s biggest issue with “Peter tingle” and “web-shooter” jokes throughout. While these jokes certainly aren’t R-rated (and will go over the heads of younger viewers), they might make some parents uncomfortable. I would recommend Spider-Man: Far From Home to mature Marvel fans who were 10-years-old and up. It would certainly be fine for younger kids who had been following the series, but parents might want to see it first and decide on their own.

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