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My “Entourage” Movie Review…By Proxy

I missed the Entourage screening last night because my car broke down. That’s the first time in my illustrious Film Critic Career (read that as sarcasm) that I’ve completely missed the screening of a big movie. Once my oldest daughter got sick before the last Harry Potter screening, but I just dragged her with me.

She asked me, “Who do you love more? Me or Harry Potter?”

I told her to HUSH and put on some pants. Another time I had to take my youngest to see The Tourist with me because my childcare fell through. Lucy was only 3 at the time and kicked the seat in front of us through the whole movie. She was wearing shoes that lit-up so everytime she stomped, our seats turned into a tiny disco. Honestly, it was more entertaing than the movie.

But I’ve NEVER missed a movie like I did last night. Fortunately, I had given away passes so several of my friends WERE going. They were kind enough to provide Entourage reviews for me. HUGE kudos to Kerry, Mark, Nicole and Chris for hooking me up so I could stay home with my hubby, who fixed my car (thanks honey!).

-We both enjoyed it! It was one long, very good typical “Entourage” episode.

-E is juggling girls, Turtle is now wealthy from the vodka biz but still drives the crew everywhere. Drama is still the town joke and only talks about F-ing chicks. Vince is starring in and directing a big movie being made by Ari’s studio (he’s now a big time studio head). That’s bankrolled by a rich Texan, played by Billy Bob Thornton.

-Jeremy Piven carried this movie and was awesome! I loved him! I laughed the entire time. The negative: We both hated Haley Joel Osment as the rich hick son of Billy Bob. He got WAY too much screen time. Should have reduced him to a cameo and given us more Billy Bob instead.

-People who loved the show will love the movie, AFTER the first 15-20 minutes. That first part is forced and cumbersome, but necessary for newcomers who know nothing about these characters. (STILL, I can’t help but think they could’ve done a better job with that part).

-There are some gratuitous scenes and subplots which are just dumb. One frame of E having sex with some girl kind of smacks you in the head. I can’t remember the scene before it but all of a sudden there are boobs taking up the whole frame. It just didn’t flow. There’s also a subplot where Johnny Drama has a sex-tape scandal. That part was kind of lame too and didn’t really serve the overall plot.

-There were too many cameos to keep track of. Fun, and in keeping with the show, but distracting. Sometimes I would catch myself trying to think of who that person was in the last scene and then missing dialogue from the current scene.

-There are multiple laugh out loud moments that had the whole theater cackling. Most of them were delivered by Ari. There were also a few nods to Texas, which was cool.

-Overall, it was a fun summer movie that makes me miss Vince and the boys. I’d see it again, and even pay for it this time!

Sounds like they really enjoyed it, right? I asked them to give it a letter grade too, so between all of them the Entourage movie got between a B and a B+. Hope that helps and thanks again to my Fill-In Film Critics. And everybody PLEASE cross your fingers that my car holds up for the Spy screening tonight!

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