Alamo Grand Opening


I just got an update about the new Alamo Drafthouse Lake Highlands, and it’s good news! Looks like the Grand Opening is set for March 28th, with a soft-opening starting March 20th. You’ll be able to get discounted food and nonalcoholic drinks that week while the staff is training. Those tickets will go on-sale tonight at The new Alamo Drafthouse will also feature a bar/event-space called Vetted Well, which will open up to a patio on the White Rock Trail. There will be plenty of bike parking, if you choose to pedal your own over or borrow one of the countless Lime Bikes that are laying around Lake Highlands. The Grand Opening on March 28th will feature a screening of Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One and since that movie is drenched in ’80’s culture, there will be DJ spinning ’80’s music and classic video games to play in the lobby. They’ll also have some ’80’s themed drinks and snacks, inspired by the movie. Keep watching the website for details and follow all the Alamo Drafthouse social media for updates:
I also posted the Ready Player One trailer below to get you really excited about the Grand Opening but remember, they will not tolerate any talking or texting during the movie. In fact, I double-dog-dare-you to try!

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