Nicholas Sparks Is Screening “The Longest Ride” In Dallas & YOU Could Be There!

Remember when you finished reading “The Notebook” and you were crying so hard you thought you might vomit? Then you saw the movie and the ending was even sadder than it was in the book?

You probably thought to yourself, “If I EVER meet Nicholas Sparks, I’m gonna tell him how pissed I am about that ending!”

Well, now’s your chance!

Nicholas Sparks is coming to town next week for a screening of “The Longest Ride!” This movie is based on his best-selling book about star-crossed lovers, Luke and Sophia. He is a bull-rider and she is an art student so how will their love survive?! Sophia is played by the gorgeous Britt Robertson from “Under the Dome,” (she’s also starring in “Tomorrowland” with George Clooney this May). And…guess who’s playing Luke.

Scott Eastwood!

Yes, that’s Clint Eastwood’s gorgeous son! The same one you were Googling when you were supposed to be working. Or was that just me? Anyhow, Britt and Scott will be joining Nicholas Sparks at the screening next Tuesday (3/31) and they will even be answering questions from the audience. OH, and who will be moderating the whole thing? That would be ME, which is why I’m SO EXCITED! Even though I still have NO IDEA what I’m going to WEAR!!!

I have a limited number of free passes to the screening so if you would like to see the movie and chat with the stars, just click here: The Longest Ride


    1. Click on that link at the very bottom that says THE LONGEST RIDE. It’s the very last thing on the page. That will take you to page to get your pass. Just remember to get to the theater early. See you there!

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