ON YOUR RADAR: “Bridge of Spies” & “Scream Queens”

It’s kind of depressing to be on THIS side of Summer Movie Season, isn’t it? All the movies we were SO PUMPED to see have come and gone. What do we do now? Well, we should start getting jazzed about the NEW stuff headed our way, like Bridge of Spies. This movie is directed by Steven Spieldberg, stars Tom Hanks and was co-written by the Coen Brothers. There’s so much good stuff going on here that I kind of want to hate it. It reminds me of the really hot jock in high school that everyone was in love with. YOU wanted to hate him because everyone thought he was so perfect, then he smiled at you in the hallway and you swooned. Well, THAT’S how I feel about Bridge of Spies. It’s based on the true story an American lawyer who is recruited by the CIA during the Cold War. He must help rescue a pilot detained by the Soviet Union and YES, it will probably get Oscar nominations. Bridge of Spies opens October 16th.

Heading to FOX this Fall is a TV show so absolutely PERFECT, I want to squeal and clap my hands when I watch the ads for it. It’s Scream Queens and it’s about a College Sorority whose horrible past comes back to haunt it. It appears to be a mixture of the Scream movies, Veronica Mars, and Glee but minus the song-and-dance numbers. Scream Queens boasts a phenomenal cast as well, with Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande (Oooo, does something awful happen to her?!) but the COOLEST bit of casting this year HAS to be Jamie Lee Curtis as the Dean. Scream Queens debuts on September 22nd, and I’m already planning my watching party!


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