ON YOUR RADAR: “The Walk” & “Blindspot”

We’ve officially reached the end of “Summer Movie Season,” and most of the current offerings look about as sad and lifeless as the grass on my lawn. This would be the perfect time to catch up on those blockbusters you MEANT to see (like Straight Outta Compton and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation) AND familiarize yourself with all the new TV shows and movies heading our way. I’ve been lucky enough to see some sneak peeks of upcoming attractions and wanted to share what I’m MOST excited about. First and foremost is The Walk, from Director Robert Zemeckis. You simply HAVE to watch this trailer:

Your heartrate is up, isn’t it? And that’s just from watching it on a little screen. Imagine seeing The Walk in IMAX 3D. The trailer I saw last week was in regular 3D and even that had me curled up in my seat and covering my eyes. The Walk is based on high-wire artist Phillippe Petit and his attempt to cross the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in 1974. Yes, this REALLY HAPPENED. I’m so excited about The Walk that the only thing that could ruin it might be Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s French accent. Nah, it would have to be excruciatingly bad to kill those incredible high-wire scenes. The Walk opens on October 9th, so thankfully we don’t have too wait long for it.

Loads of new shows are heading to the small screen, which is why I feel guilty for even MENTIONING Blindspot, but I’m going to. The media blitz around this show has been UNREAL. I hope the promo-overload hasn’t jinxed it because Blindspot has a genuinely interesting plot (which I won’t bother explaining because of the aforementioned media-blitz). It also has Grapevine’s own Jaimie Alexander, who we’ve all been rooting for ever since Thor skipped over her Lady Sif in favor of Jane Foster (jerk). Jaimie’s Mom is also a friend of mine and she’s so excited for her daughter, she’s just about to pop right now. I might be plugging Blindspot just so I can brag about knowing her mom but…whatever. Just set your DVR for Blindspot, Monday September 21st and we’ll all decide what we think then. Here’s the trailer in the meantime, though you’ve already seen it a gazillion times thanks to NBC. Good luck Jaimie!


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