Bilal Passes
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FREE MOVIE PASSES- See “Bilal: A New Breed of Hero” EARLY & FOR FREE

Who wants passes to see Bilal: A New Breed of Hero EARLY and FOR FREE? This one tells the true story of a boy who dreams of being a great warrior, but whose plans are thwarted when he and his sister are abducted and sold into slavery. Continue reading →

12 Strong


If you watched the Golden Globes recently, you probably saw countless trailers for the new movie, 12 Strong. I know many of us (me included) first thought, “Oooo, LOOK! A Chris Hemsworth movie that isn’t Thor,” but there are several, much better reasons to see 12 Strong. It’s based on Doug Stanton’s book Horse Soldiers, which tells the true story of the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after 9/11. There, they worked with an Afghan warlord, and against unspeakable odds, to take down the Taliban. 12 Strong stars Michael Shannon, Rob Riggle, and Michael Peña along with Chris Hemsworth, as well as Elsa Pataky, who is married to Hemsworth in real life. Rob Riggle plays Colonel Max Bowers, the former battalion commander of the 5th Special Forces Group. Riggle is a Marine and actually served under the real Colonel Bowers. Pretty cool, right? Almost as cool as the passes I have to see 12 Strong EARLY and FOR FREE! Continue reading →

Paddington 2

MOMMY MOVIE REVIEW: Why Your Kids (and YOU) Need “Paddington 2”

I usually spend my Mommy Movie Review time explaining why a movie is or is not appropriate for your kids, but I’m not doing that today. No, today I’m going to tell you why you need to see Paddington 2, because I know you have absolutely NO interest in it.
How do I know this?
Well, I know because I gave away FREE MOVIE PASSES to Paddington 2 and no one took them. OK, a handful of you took tickets, but only after I reminded you to (and begged, just a little). I usually run out of free passes pretty quickly, so I was surprised that no one wanted these. I’ll admit to a wave of apathy when I watched the Paddington 2 trailer, and that I brought extra candy to the screening, in case my daughters started to complain.
They didn’t complain. In fact, we were all swept up in the magic and utter sweetness of Paddington 2 as soon as it started. Continue reading →


My New Year’s Resolution: The “Anti-Resolution” for 2018

It’s January 7th of 2018 and I’m finally getting around to my New Year’s Resolution. Yes, I know it’s a little late but my kids are still out of school, for some reason, and I haven’t had the head-space to consider it. My resolutions usually center around Diet & Exercise, so I was cruising the internet for “healthy options” (I was almost sold on the Whole 30 until I saw it forbade alcohol-Next) when I remembered a lecture I recently gave my daughters.
We were in a restaurant bathroom when they noticed an old advertisement on the wall. It was a picture of a voluptuous woman, who was thrilled about the eleven pounds she had just put on. The caption promised weight-gain for every woman, so “you too” could be so beautiful. My girls were flummoxed.
“So people WANTED to gain weight back then? WHY???
“Because,” I told them, “the world is constantly trying to sell us something. That’s why they’re always telling us that we need to fix things. They’re just trying to make money off of our insecurities.”
They both shrugged and we all walked out of the bathroom, as if I hadn’t just laid down a massive truth that should’ve changed how we felt about ourselves forever.
It’s true, though.
If you need proof, just take a stroll through your nearest art museum. You’ll find constantly changing images of beauty throughout the ages, including rolls of fat and tiny penises. If I keep focusing on changing my body, am I not just buying into that? Even worse, am I telling my daughters that they should, too?
That’s when I decided to focus my resolution on something that was less personal, like Making More Money. I started considering ways to redirect my time and build up the bank-account when I remembered another lecture I gave my girls, just last month.
We were driving through one of the exclusive neighborhoods in Dallas, and looking at the Christmas lights. My girls were picking out the houses they would live in, if they had that kind of money, when I decided to lay some wisdom on them.
“You know, every single one of these homes contains some kind of heartbreak. They might look beautiful on the outside, but life goes on like usual on in inside. There isn’t enough money in the world to protect you from sadness. Remember that. Money doesn’t change everything. There will always be dragons to slay.”
As a mother I’m always looking for those “Teaching Opportunities,” or as my kids would call them, “Ways to ruin the mood.”
It’s true, though.
Wealth can’t buy you happiness, so shouldn’t I focus my energy on something that’s more fulfilling? Shouldn’t I give my daughters a better example?
I started thinking about resolutions centered on Inner Peace, or some other form of Self-Actualization, when I remembered yet another lecture I gave the girls recently.
I think I was riffing on a line from the movie Parenthood when I told them:
“There will never be that moment in your life when you feel like everything is complete. You will never lose enough weight, earn enough money, or buy enough stuff to make you feel whole. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can come to peace with yourself and your life. Then you can focus on appreciating what you have, instead of constantly struggling for more.”
Yes, the 13-year-old rolled her eyes so hard at that one that she almost fell out of her chair. Continue reading →

Phantom Thread


Set in 1950’s post-war London, Phantom Thread tells the story of a renowned fashion designer whose life is turned upside down when he falls in love with a strong-willed woman.
Sounds pretty meh, right?
Well, what if I told you that Phantom Thread is the latest from writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson, the same guy who did Boogie Nights and There Will Be Blood? It also stars Daniel Day-Lewis and is the first time he and Anderson have worked together since There Will Be Blood won two Oscars. Daniel Day-Lewis even co-wrote the Phantom Thread script with Paul Thomas Anderson AND, if you are still for some reason not intrigued by this, you should know that Day-Lewis plans to retire after this film.
From acting.
What, you’re still not interested?
Then you probably shouldn’t snag any passes to see Phantom Thread EARLY and FOR FREE. Continue reading →



Did you know that the new Paddington movie is currently one of the highest rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes? Yep, Paddington 2 is currently sitting at 100%, which means that 0% of the critics who’ve reviewed it have found anything negative to say about it. If you take a look at the Paddington 2 reviews (you can do that HERE), you’ll find quotes like,
“…might well be a staple of festive television for years to come,”
or “Paddington 2 won’t save the world, sadly, but it’s existence makes everything just that tiny bit better and more, well, bearable.”
There’s also this little bon mot:
“Unless you’re dead inside, you will not fail to be utterly charmed by Paddington 2.”
Sounds like those of us who aren’t dead inside should be excited!
I haven’t seen Paddington 2 yet, but I plan to do so soon and would love it if you’d join me. Continue reading →

Farmiga & Neeson


Look, I’m just going to be honest here.
I can’t figure out what the hell The Commuter is about.
I get that Liam Neeson is a businessman who happens to be on a train when Vera Farmiga (who’s a Bad Guy this time) shows up and says he has to do something awful for a whole lot of money. Oh, and Patrick Wilson is in The Commuter too, but he and Vera are not playing Ed and Lorraine Warren, which makes me kind of sad. But Jonathan Banks is in it and he’s always awesome, plus I have passes to an early screening so you don’t even have to pay to see it! Continue reading →

Best of

The Julie Says So TOP 10 MOVIES OF 2017

I’m writing a TOP 10 MOVIES OF 2017 list, even though I suspect no one will ever read it. Honestly, I think I make “Best Of” lists just so I can look back at them years later and say, “Oh yeah…I forgot about that one.”
Or maybe now, “Oh yeah…that was back before So-n-So got busted for showing his business to coworkers and had to stop making movies.”
Let’s hope that no one on this current list will end up on that future one. Continue reading →

Bale & Studi


Are you sick of the Holly Jolly B.S. of the holidays? Has the forced emotion and financial blood-letting of the season left you hollow inside, with just a simmering hint of rage?
Oh NOT ME, of course! I’m just peach-fuzzy over the tree-that-has-to-come-down, the extra six pounds I’m now carrying and staggering blankness of my bank account. No, I’m talking about all the other people who want to get back to work just so they can start repairing the wallet-damage that’s been done.
I suspect that Hostiles is the movie for all of you people (re: Us).
It stars Christian Bale as an 1892 Army captain who must escort a Cheyenne chief and his family through dangerous territory. Rosamund Pike and Wes Studi also star in what’s highly likely to end up on the Oscar’s short-list. Continue reading →

Movie Minute

JULIE SAYS SO “Movie Minute” Featuring “The Greatest Showman & “Jumaji: Welcome to the Jungle”

Looking for a movie to see over the holidays? I can help!
Here’s the latest JULIE SAYS SO Movie Minute, where I give abbreviated reviews of the biggest movies opening this week- The Greatest Showman and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. I didn’t get a chance to cover everything that’s coming out, but I’ve got links to those reviews. Click HERE if you want to read about Pitch Perfect 3, HERE to read about Downsizing, and HERE if you need reviews for Father Figures.
Watch my TOP 5 MOVIES TO SEE NOW list to see what other good stuff you’re missing and don’t forget to check the FREE MOVIE PASSES page to see what I’m giving away next.
By the way, they released the trailer for the new Ocean’s 8, which is CLEARLY the HOTTEST NEW MOVIE TRAILER OF THE WEEK, after we taped this. I posted it after the MOVIE MINUTE below, so you can check it out, too.
Happy Holidays & Have Fun at the Movies!