BLOG: Kids-At-Camp Blues

I know I’m not supposed to say it, but I miss my kids.

Well, I do NOW. Yesterday I dropped them off at camp and drove away filled with a sense of freedom I haven’t felt since college. What was I going to do with all of this FREE TIME? What WERE the things I enjoyed before I had kids? I could go to see a band. I LOVED live music before I had kids, but MAN they start playing so LATE these days. I could go shopping but any spare funds I had went into summer camp. I could take up smoking again. I use to LOVE that! My husband wouldn’t appreciate it though. Continue reading →


Video: My JURASSIC WORLD Review on “Good Morning Texas”

I was running late for my “Good Morning Texas” appearance this morning, plus I had my daughters with me, since they’re out of school. We were sitting in stand-still traffic when Lucy noticed that a May Fly was on the seat right next to her. Nonstop shrieking and thrashing ensued, which is always great when you’re stressed out and running late. I finally had to remove my shoe, lean as far as I could into the backseat, and squash it with my heel. That pretty much set the stage for the rest of the morning.
Click HERE to see my review of Jurassic World, and THANKS AGAIN to everyone at “Good Morning Texas” for having me on. I hope they invite me back!
Thanks also to my friend Meredith Yates with Stella & Dot for providing my accessories today. I got so many compliments on that awesome necklace!



MOMMY-MOVIE-REVIEW: Can My Kid Watch “Jurassic World?”

You can forget all the “KIDS” movies that are coming out this summer. My girls want to see the movie that has dinosaurs running amok and eating humans like they’re donuts. Yes, my daughters want to see Jurassic World and since they’re 7 and 11-years-old, I have mixed feelings about that. I’m apparently not alone either because I’ve gotten several messages from friends who want to know if it’s “Kid Friendly.” As is usually the case, that all depends on the KID. Continue reading →


FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Magic Mike XXL” On Me!

Yeah that’s right. We get to see it EARLY! There’s a special prescreening this upcoming Thursday at the Studio Movie Grill and I’ve got your passes! Just click HERE to claim those and show up early. You’ll want to save a spot in line to make sure you get in. I’ll be there with my “Boozy Movies” crew (Rebekah Black, Sybil Summers & Richie Whitt) AND this week we’ll be joined by Guest Film Critic Jasmine Sadry. Snag those passes and in the meantime, here’s a little treat to tide us over.


PODCAST: Boozy Movies Reviews “Jurassic World” & Totally Disagrees

Finally saw Jurassic World last night, which is a movie I’ve been anxiously anticipating ever since I heard they were making it. I just about lost it when they announced CHRIS PRATT would be the leading man. What could possibly go wrong?

I sat down with Rebekah Black, Sybil Summers and Richie Whitt after the movie and we discussed our thoughts. Our reviews were mixed, much like our drinks. Continue reading →


TEASER TRAILER- The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

OK, so I was pretty disappointed in Mockingjay Part 1 but it’s hard to NOT get a little excited when you watch this. Still have to wait until November 20th to see it, but you can get alerts from Fandango about buying early tickets by clicking HERE.
Oh, and (sniff) Philip Seymour Hoffman? Wasn’t prepared to see him.



I have 2 daughters, ages 7 and 11, and a LIST of movies I’ve wanted to show them since they were born. Most of my favorites, like The Color Purple and Pulp Fiction will have to wait until they’re older but I have been introducing others with mixed results. Last year, I showed them Jurassic Park, which they loved, and the year before that I watched Titanic with my oldest. We had tickets to a Titanic exhibit and I thought it would be fun to watch the movie beforehand. Emma cried nonstop as the ship sank though, and then accused me of child-abuse when I told her to “buck up.” Continue reading →


BLOG: Birthday Party of DOOM

My daughter Emma FINALLY had a birthday party, about 2 months late. It was the chintziest birthday party ever but I took my shot when I saw it. Emma asked if she could have 2 friends sleep over at once and I said, “YES! IN FACT, WE’LL GET A CAKE AND CALL IT YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!”

I know it’s lame but we were about to forget the party altogether and if THAT happened, she would use it as a guilty-bargaining-chip for the rest of the year. So we got some pizzas and Harry and the Hendersons on DVD and called it a “Bigfoot Party.” We even got her a Bigfoot cake. How cute is this? (Thank you Society Bakery!)

FullSizeRender-112 Continue reading →


CITY HIKES: The Shortest Hike EVER at The Fort Worth Nature Center

The Fort Worth Nature Center is one of my favorite places to hike in North Texas. I took my kids to check it out last year on one of those weird COOL summer days. We WENT because we’d heard about the Greer Island Goat Man who supposedly roams the preserve and terrorizes teenagers. You can read more about HIM by clicking HERE. Continue reading →


BLOG: My Big Summer Road Trip & Why I Chickened Out

I have been bragging about my big summer road trip FOR MONTHS. It started back in February, when I decided to take my kids on a cross-country journey to visit family and friends. We would see my sister in Georgia and then hit my hometown of Burlington, North Carolina. Take a quick drive to DC for July 4th fireworks and then we’d stay in a relative’s Delaware beach house for a week. My husband even planned to fly up and meet us which made the whole thing perfect, right? Well, perfect until we started planning the 3-day trip home.

We would have to leave soon too, so the spectre of nonstop-driving began to haunt me. Continue reading →