PARTY AT MADEWELL TONIGHT Featuring a Woven Laine Pop-Up Shop (& cocktails!)

If you waited in the REALLY long line to get into the Dallas Flea recently, you probably noticed that woven wall-art is having a moment right now. That’s thanks in part to local artist Laken Vanderwall and her Woven Laine pieces. They are unique, loom-made designs inspired by everything Laken sees around her and they have a cool Native-American vibe to them. Even better, they’re far more affordable than a typical piece of one-of-a-kind art.

Here’s an example, which I found on Laken’s website


You can buy pieces online or better yet, attend the Pop-Up Shop at Madewell tonight. They’ll have drinks as well as treats from Society Bakery and 20% off if you spend $125 or more. Laken herself will even offer discounts on some of her pieces.  Again, it’s all going down tonight (3/19) from 6-8pm so I’ll see you there!

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