Recipes: Wine Braised Short Ribs Don’t Suck

Have you noticed that MOST of the recipes you find on Facebook kind of suck? They always proclaim “BEST STUFF EVER” or “My kids ate every bite” but what you end up with is MEH. That’s why I’m only going to post the recipes that work out for me. Last night, I tried Red-Wine Braised Short Ribs from Epicurious and they were pretty freaking great.

I’m all about One-Pot-Leave-In-the-Oven-Meals lately. Notice how I didn’t say Slow-Cooker? That’s because I’ve been asking for a Slow-Cooker for every birthday and holiday for years now and never get one. I’ve got an awesome Dutch Oven though (cue the fart jokes) so I just use that for everything.

Here’s the recipe but you should know that I cheated on a few things. First of all, I used CHEAP red wine. If you want me to dump an ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WINE into something, it’s not getting 90 points on “Wine Spectator.” Also, as you can see here I only used dried herbs.



I HATE buying fresh herbs for a recipe just to watch the leftovers rot away in the crisper. The dried herbs seem to work fine. Also, I NEVER EVER put celery into ANYTHING because I HATE IT! Stuffing, Chicken Salad, Soup, Stock WHATEVER it is, I will leave out the celery and it always tastes great to me. SURE it’s missing that green-horse-hair part of the “flavor profile” but I’m OK with that.

These short-ribs REALLY stank up my house but they were easy and super-tasty. Try to get ribs that have as little fat on them as possible because my 7-year-old griped about them being fatty. Otherwise ENJOY! Let me know how it works out for you!

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