My cousin Cary posted a picture of my Mom’s handwritten Rum Ball  Recipe on Facebook recently and when I saw it, I almost started bawling. I had totally forgotten about these booze-soaked little treasures even though my Mom made them annually. She wasn’t much of a Christmas Cookie Chick, but these include alcohol which would’ve piqued her interest. I planned to make them later but my husband beat me to the punch & whipped up a batch this weekend. Now I can’t stop eating them for breakfast.



Here’s the recipe, as transcribed by my cousin Cary. Oh, and if you eat enough to actually get drunk, let me know what that magic number is!

For a single batch:
1 ½ C crushed vanilla wafers (you can grind in food processor)
¼ C amber (or Capt. Morgan’s) rum
¼ C honey
1/4 C cocoa
2 C finely ground walnuts (use food processor)
Confectioners sugar and extra cocoa…

Mix dry ingredients, pour in wet ingredients, stir well, press into ball shapes and toss in powdered sugar. Store in air tight container.
You need to do these 10 days before serving for best flavor. The day you want to serve, get them out.. roll them into powdered sugar again. I like to do half of them in powdered sugar and half in cocoa.


  1. I’m going to use this recipe and use some Crown Royal Maple Finished Whiskey. Only because I don’t drink and I already have the whiskey left from last year when I made Chocolate Maple Finished Whiskey Cookies. After eating 4 of these cookies, I was told people got a serious buzz 🙂 Miss you on the radio.
    Merry Christmas !

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