“Scream Queens” is CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY for TV

I recently learned that I’m not supposed to laugh at Cards Against Humanity. I read an article that said laughing at the game’s horrible comments condoned them and sent a dangerous message. I thought I was laughing because they were so shocking, but I don’t laugh at ALL shocking comments. Sometimes, I’m simply shocked by them. Why would I laugh at these awful things when they were written on cards in a game? Am I a horrible person after all? I’ve always known I had a warped sense of humor but have I turned a corner and become simply warped?

I asked myself these very questions last night while watching Fox’s latest offering, Scream Queens. It’s about a college sorority that is plagued by a troublesome past and a murderous future. The cast reads like an “MTV Awards” list of presenters (Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas) and the pearl/faux-fur wardrobe will surely be copied by high school Queen Bees. It’s the DIALOGUE that’s most shocking though and the reason I now call Scream Queens “Cards Against Humanity for TV.” Nothing is sacred and no topic is safe. Racism, homophobia, bullying, even the hearing impaired are fair game when the rich, pretty, white girls attack. Oh yes, and they are the WORST of the absolute WORST.

How did I respond when I watched Scream Queens? Did I turn angrily away from the TV and fire off a strongly worded email to Fox? Nope. I gobbled it up, giggling and making mental notes of the lines I wanted to steal for future use (“Good Morning, idiot sluts!”). Is this ok? Seriously, I don’t even know anymore. Is it wrong that my favorite character wasn’t the “Good Girl” or the deaf girl who loves Taylor Swift, Deaf Taylor? No, my FAVORITE was the evil Chanel #1, who said things so funny and so TERRIBLE, I didn’t think they were even allowed on TV (Did she really say BLUMPKIN? Do the censors know what that IS? Why do I know what that is?).

What is wrong with me and the other 4 million people who watched the Scream Queens pilot last night? I know who you are because we were making up memes and tweeting our favorite lines to each other the whole two hours. Is it wrong for us to enjoy a show that perpetuates ugliness and laughs at stereotypes? The answer to that is a resounding YES, but will it keep anyone from watching Scream Queens? I think we ALL know the answer to that, but I don’t want to say it and risk looking like the horrible person I probably am.

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