Alexander & Witherspoon


Wouldn’t it be cool to be Reese Witherspoon and make movies based on what kind of mood you were in?
“I feel like making a movie out of my favorite book!”
She makes the Oscar-nominated Wild.
“I feel like living in Monterey with my girlfriends for a while!”
She makes Big Little Lies.
“I feel like making out with a super-adorable 26-year-old dude!”
Reese Witherspoon makes Home Again.

In this one, Witherspoon plays a single mom who lets 3 sweet, 20-something-year-old guys move in with her and, yes, she hooks up with one of them (Pico Alexander). If you’d like to see Home Again EARLY and FOR FREE, click HERE to grab your passes, then watch the trailer below. And look, I’m not saying that Reese Witherspoon made this movie just so she could make-out with Pico. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t blame her if she did.

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