Stephen King's "It"

Stephen King’s “It” & Why It Reminds Me of College Sex

I saw the trailer for the movie It today and immediately had a flashback of the book. Unlike most people, who probably envisioned Tim Curry in a clown suit, I saw my college dorm room with perfect clarity, and heard my roommate having sex in the bunk below me.
See, my roommate fell desperately in love our freshman year of college and did her best to consummate that love nightly.
In our room.
On the bottom bunk.
Those who’ve never shared a bunk bed don’t realize that nothing happens in the bottom bunk without the top bunk hearing it. I tried to clue my roommate into this one night by saying, “I know what you’re doing down there.”
She responded by screaming at me and telling me I was a horrible person. I didn’t love the idea of getting yelled at, and there appeared to be no end to the passion, so I started reading in my bunk every night by flashlight. I also listened to my Walkman, to drown out those sounds.
It was an excellent plan, except for my book of choice. I started reading Stephen King’s It, which was fantastic but scared me so badly I couldn’t put it down. I was actually terrified to move the book away from my face because I was certain Pennywise would be standing at the door. I would sit up and read for hours, long after my bunk had stopped rhythmically swaying and snores came from below. In fact, my plan worked a bit too well because my roommate and her boyfriend tired of my late nights and moved their trysts to HIS dorm room. This left me completely alone, every night, where I would lie awake and stare at the door, waiting for that awful clown.
It was on one such night that I caved and ran down the darkened dorm hall to my friends’ room. Christy and Kristina didn’t have much space, but Kristina didn’t mind sharing her tiny twin bed with me. I had to sleep with my head at her feet, but it was better than Death-By-Clown, so that’s where I slept for the rest of the school year.
The TV version of It never scared me the way that book did, but I think this new one might have a shot. I was pretty shaken up by the trailer below, but it will still never compare to those terrifying nights alone in my dorm, just waiting for Pennywise to appear.
(It will hit theaters September 8th of 2017.)


  1. If the bed’s a rockin,
    Penny wise don’t come knock in’.

    I’m going to find out when you are seeing this and sit behind you and shake your chair.

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