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Julie Says So: What’s Streaming NOW (for 4/16/20)

According to a recent study, Americans are currently streaming about 8 hours of TV a day and binging 3 new series a week! If that’s the case, you probably need something new to stream and everyone’s going nuts for this Netflix series Unorthodox. It’s about a young, ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman who flees her home to start a new life. It’s based on a true story and star Shira Haas is just about guaranteed some nominations for her performance (wait…will we have awards ceremonies?).

Associated Press has helped parents who are quarantined with young kids (bless your hearts) by compiling a list of unexpected films they’d enjoy. That includes surprises like Fly Away Home, an Apollo 11 documentary & some early short films from Jojo Rabbit director, Taika Waititi. Find that Associated Press story HERE.

NBC Universal launched its Peacock streaming service to a limited number of Comcast subscribers this week. It will provide original programming next year but the service currently includes NBC stalwarts like Saturday Night Live, Battlestar Gallactica and alllll of those Law & Orders. It launches for everyone July 15th.

The mobile-only streaming service Quibi just launched but not everyone is onboard with its format (all shows are only 10 minutes long). Some projects, like Gayme Show, are getting great reviews while others, like Chance the Rapper’s take on Punk’d and the buzzy Murder House Flip, are sadly getting low marks.

All 380 episodes of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting are now available on Samsung connected TVs and will move to a broader platform next month. Because Lord knows we need some chill Bob Ross right now.

Finally, if you’re tired of watching things alone, there are now several options for “group-watching.” The American Film Institute got help from Stephen Spielberg to launch their Movie-Club, where you watch classics like The Wizard of Oz together (virtually, of course). Lionsgate will have Jamie Lee Curtis host live streams of some of their big films, like The Hunger Games and La La Land, or you and your friends can throw a Netflix Party, with the help of a Google Chrome browser. Find out how to do that HERE.

Check back next week for more ways to fill those 8 hours your spending on the couch and remember to share your favorite time-killers in the Comments below.

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