Miles Teller in "Bleed for This"


Nothing beats a truly awesome sports movie, does it? You always know how those things are going to end, but you get caught up in them anyway. Bleed for This tells the true story of Vinny “The Pazmanian Devil” Pazienza, who won two world title fights, then severed his spine in a car wreck. Vinny (Miles Teller) is told he might never walk again but he fights to return to the ring with the help of his trainer, played by Aaron Eckhart. Will Vinny make his grand comeback or will he die trying? You probably know the answer, but it’ll be fun finding out anyway. Even better, YOU get to see Bleed for This EARLY and FOR FREE because you know ME! Click HERE to grab your passes then watch the trailer below. Holy crap! Was that Miles Teller in a banana hammock?

Pic Tom Hanks

MOVIE REVIEW: Is There Enough “Sully” for a Whole Movie?

The world’s love of Chesley Sullenberger was immediate and unquestioned. We took a collective step back and stared, mouths agape, as his heroic moment played out on TVs around the world. There was something about this man with the puffy, white hair that invited adoration and hero worship, possibly because he was so embarrassed by it.

But what if Chesley Sullenberger was wrong?

What if landing that Airbus A320 on the Hudson back it 2009 actually risked the lives onboard, as opposed to saving them? In fact, several flight simulations have shown that the plane COULD have made it back to the airport that day.

So what if everything we’ve ever thought about Sully was wrong? Continue reading →