BLOG: The Joy of Saying “NO”

I found my youngest child crying in the shower the other night. Well, WAILING might be a better word because she was crying so hard, I thought she was singing at first. She was so overcome with back-to-school-heartache that she needed multiple hugs before explaining her meltdown.

What if my teacher doesn’t like me?
What if I don’t do well this year?
What if I don’t finish my Summer Reading in time?


I put on my best Wise-Mom-Face and said, “Honey, sometimes you just have to be brave and do the things you don’t want to do.”

I laughed to myself when I said it because I remember my own Mom saying those words. I also remember how little they helped during a crisis, but I said them anyway.

I found the other side of that coin today, while chatting with a girlfriend. Continue reading →

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BLOG: This Summer, I Want to Be 17 Again

I read a really great Scary Mommy blog recently about giving our kids a summer like the ones WE use to have. Here’s a link if you haven’t read it yet:
I LOVE the Scary Mommy blogs but this one got me thinking: Why do kids get to have all the fun? Why can’t WE have a fun, youthful summer as well?

I’ve been pondering this lately because I’m currently unemployed (I’ve been saying “self employed” since I started this website but no one’s buying it) so it looks like I will have the summer off too. That is why I’ve decided that this summer, I’m going to be 17 again. Continue reading →