Julie Says So: What’s Streaming NOW (5/22)

I was so excited when Good Morning Texas expressed interest in sharing the Julie Says So “What’s Streaming” segments, THEN I attempted to film one on Zoom. Three days (and multiple meltdowns) later, I still couldn’t find a way to fix my hair. You’ll just have to pretend it isn’t magically disappearing and then reappearing as you watch the segment, but you’ll still get some excellent streaming ideas for Memorial Day Weekend. Watch it HERE and huge “Thanks” to Good Morning Texas for sharing my work!

As always, thank you Vintaglio Jewelry for providing the bling. Take a look at their website and gorgeous hand-made pieces HERE.


Streaming now

Julie Says So: What’s Streaming NOW (for 4/23)

Don’t you miss hanging out with your squad?
Getting dressed up, meeting your friends and then having a massive fight in the middle of some overpriced restaurant. Maybe even flipping some tables?
If that’s your kind of fun, you’ll be thrilled to know that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is BACK. Sharpen your nails for added drama because Garcelle Beauvais has been added to the cast. You can watch it on Bravo (and catch up with Episode 1 below). Continue reading →

Felicity Jones & Eddie Redmayne


The Aeronauts brings Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne together again (they both starred in The Theory of Everything), but the real star of this film is a hot-air balloon. It’s used to break records and make scientific discoveries in the 1860’s, but becomes a death-trap in the process. The Aeronauts will hit theaters December 6th (before it’s Amazon Prime debut December 20th) but you can see it on the big screen EARLY and FOR FREE! Click HERE to snag those passes, then watch The Aeronauts trailer below. By the way, The Aeronauts is based on some fascinating real-life events, so click HERE to read more about those.