MOVIE REVIEW: “Goodnight Mommy” Follows A Rich Tradition Of Creepy Twins

A movie doesn’t always have to jump out of the shadows to scare the bejeezus out of you. Sometimes unease produces better results when it’s kept on a low, extended simmer. This happens to be the case for the Austrian psychological thriller, Goodnight Mommy.

Twin boys welcome their mother home from the hospital but she’s unrecognizable under bandages. Her demeanor has also changed greatly from the loving Mom the boys remember. The twins convince themselves that she is NOT their mother after all, but where has she gone? How will they prove it? Even worse, what if they’re WRONG?

It’s clear from the start that something isn’t right in Goodnight Mommy, but it’s hard to tell what exactly is wrong. Mom definitely isn’t herself but the boys, who collect cockroaches and play in graveyards for fun, seem a bit OFF as well. Hints are dropped and a story slowly unravels until the moment you clutch the armrest and call out your profanity of choice (I think I went with “HOLY SH*TBALLS!”).

I can’t recommend Goodnight Mommy to those who need men in hockey masks or computer-generated monsters to be scared out of their seats. If you like your scary movies with a touch of art, creepy cornfields and loads of melancholia though, Goodnight Mommy is the film for you. -B

Goodnight Mommy is playing at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas. You can look for those tickets HERE.


FREE MOVIE PASSES: Take Your Daughter To See “He Named Me Malala”

Sometimes I get mad at my children for not recognizing how blessed they are. That’s when I say something motherly, like “YOU DON’T KNOW HOW GOOD YOU’VE GOT IT!” Have those words ever worked on any child, anywhere? That’s probably why I took it a bit further during one motherly rant, and told my girls about Malala Yousafzai. I told them all about the little Pakistani girl who loved school, even though some people thought that she, being a girl, shouldn’t be educated. I also told them how she fought for this right and at 15-years-old, was shot because of it. Malala almost lost her life, but went on instead to become a student advocate AND the world’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.
I’m thrilled that Malala got her own documentary, but I’m even more excited that it’s directed by Davis Guggenheim. He made Waiting for Superman and won an Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth, so I think he might be able to do her story justice. He Named Me Malala opens October 9th and is rated PG-13. I’m taking both of my daughters to see it because it’ll certainly be more eye-opening that another Motherly Rant. If you’d like to join us, you can get free passes by clicking HERE.


FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Sleeping With Other People” On Me!

This is kind of a dreadful time of year, isn’t it? Summer is OVER but it’s still hot and doesn’t feel like FALL yet. Kids are grouchy about back-to-school homework and parents are even grouchier about helping them with it. New TV shows have yet to start and though we keep seeing ads for GREAT NEW MOVIES, none of them are in theaters yet. Fortunately, that’s all about to change because I HAVE FREE MOVIE PASSES! You can see Sleeping with Other People, starring Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie as college f-buddies who reconnect at a meeting for Sex Addicts. It’s produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay and is being compared to When Harry Met Sally, but with lots of racy sex scenes. Sounds like a great way to kill that pre-Fall boredom and get out of the house, right? Even better, the screening is at the Angelika in Dallas on September 23rd, so we can get drinks in the bar beforehand! Print out the pass below to get you and a buddy in for free and I’ll see you there! Just don’t touch me during those intense sex scenes or things will get really awkward.


FREE MOVIE PASSES: “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” & A Cocktail Party!

Have you seen the trailer for Guy Ritchie’s latest movie The Man From U.N.C.L.E.? Holy Balls, just look at THIS:

Yes, that’s Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer playing a CIA Agent and KGB Operative who’re forced to work together. Two of the HOTTEST dudes in movies today AND they’re joined by the phenomenal Alicia Vikander, who absolutely KILLED IT in Ex Machina. It’s not opening in theaters until August 14th but GUESS WHO HAS FREE PASSES TO SEE IT NEXT WEEK! Continue reading →


Nicholas Sparks Is Screening “The Longest Ride” In Dallas & YOU Could Be There!

Remember when you finished reading “The Notebook” and you were crying so hard you thought you might vomit? Then you saw the movie and the ending was even sadder than it was in the book?

You probably thought to yourself, “If I EVER meet Nicholas Sparks, I’m gonna tell him how pissed I am about that ending!”

Well, now’s your chance!

Nicholas Sparks is coming to town next week for a screening of “The Longest Ride!” Continue reading →