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Making Friends 101: Lessons in Starting Over

My daughter started a new high school this week, where she only knows a few people. She wanted a brand new start so this was part of the plan, but the isolation has been a bit of a surprise for her. Kids like mine, who’ve been in the same small school since they were tiny, might romanticize the idea of a fresh start without fully understanding what a blank slate means. I’m all too familiar with it, having made 3 fresh starts in my life (you can read my favorite blog about that HERE). I’ve been giving my daughter nightly pep-talks, which she rolls her eyes at but I think deep down, she hears me. While browsing social media today, I realized that many of my friends are talking their kids through similar pains, because so many are starting new schools and colleges. I thought I’d share the advice I’ve been giving, so you too could sit through the annoyed eye-rolls of your spawn.
1) Making new friends will take longer than you want it to.
Settle in for some prolonged awkwardness because this isn’t an overnight fix. Building a new life takes time, which probably means more alone time than you’ve had in years. Remember that it IS part of the plan and nothing to worry about.
2) Don’t take it personally.
You might starting thinking things like, “Why don’t I have friends? Nobody likes me!” Cut it out. Nobody knows you. There’s a big difference. Continue reading →

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OUT & ABOUT: Back-to-School Events, Concerts & Cary Elwes (Plus My “Annabelle: Creation” Review)

I was on Good Morning Texas recently, talking about all the events you need to hit before the kids head back to school. Yes, it’s already that time! I’ve got everything you need to know about new movies, sports and activities for the kids so watch the segment HERE, then find the links below. Continue reading →

BLOG: It’s Time to Stop Mom Bashing

It’s Back-to-School time and all the Mom-Bloggers out there (me included) have been busily voicing our complaints (I personally can’t decide which I hate more: magazine sales or SignUp Genius). I’ve noticed an unsettling trend though, of Moms bashing Moms and even worse, other Moms joyfully joining in.

Look, we don’t need to beat each other up. Believe me, the WORLD loves bagging on us as it is. Haven’t you noticed that? Look around and you’ll see that “Moms” in the media are lumped into 2 categories: The Alpha-Mom Who Overdoes It and Annoys Everyone and The Cool Mom Who Essentially HATES Motherhood. It’s funny because I don’t know ANY Moms who are like this. Most of us just drift back and forth between the two cateogries, feeling various degrees of JOY and LOATHING along the way.

I’m annoyed by the way we’re depicted but I also don’t really care because being a Mom is a day-to-day thing. You don’t really GET it until you’re DOING it. Well, I do remember one time when I DID care. I was listening to a female DJ who said she could no longer like a certain band because “the soccer Moms had started loving them.” I just stared at my radio and screamed, “F**k YOU, Jenny Eliscu!” Otherwise, I didn’t care about mom bashing, until I started to see it in Mom Blogs. Continue reading →

BLOG: My Daughter Has A Boy…Friend

My daughter Lucy has a friend who is a boy but who isn’t a boyFRIEND. She’s only 8-years-old so I don’t think that’s in their vocabulary yet (at least I HOPE it isn’t). She bonded with this boy over Minecraft last Spring and then worried about not seeing him over Summer Break. I promised we would arrange play-dates but of course, got busy and forgot. Poor Lucy and her boy didn’t have their “date” until yesterday, almost a full week AFTER Summer Break ended.

I have fully encouraged this relationship and not just because he’s a sweet kid. I too have always had boy-friends and I also found my first in Elementary School. Continue reading →

BLOG: “Mommy Camp” is CLOSED

The girls officially need to go back to school. It starts next week but honestly, I don’t know if I can wait that long.

Not that we didn’t have an awesome summer. There were 2 weeks of vacations and 1 week of summer camp but otherwise, we spent the whole time sleeping in, eating ice-cream and playing in the pool. This is where I learned an interesting fact about my daughters. They are fascinated by my body in a bikini, especially the pocket of fat on my stomach I call The Baby Bucket. It’s apparently more fun than a Nerf-Gun because they will poke, smack and wigglewigglewiggle it. I, for the most part, allow this because I’m trying to teach them to accept their bodies. I also think it’s important to have a sense of humor about our bodies because they rarely look EXACTLY the way we want them to.

If I’m totally honest though, I’d admit that I kind of like it. I mean, our kids really don’t care WHAT we look like in a bathing suit. Unless you’re a torturous A-hole, your kids will love you no matter what skin you’re in. There’s something liberating about that, which is probably why I don’t mind when Lucy grabs my thigh with both hands and says “WOBBLEWOBBLEWOBBLE.” Continue reading →


BLOG: The Joy of Saying “NO”

I found my youngest child crying in the shower the other night. Well, WAILING might be a better word because she was crying so hard, I thought she was singing at first. She was so overcome with back-to-school-heartache that she needed multiple hugs before explaining her meltdown.

What if my teacher doesn’t like me?
What if I don’t do well this year?
What if I don’t finish my Summer Reading in time?


I put on my best Wise-Mom-Face and said, “Honey, sometimes you just have to be brave and do the things you don’t want to do.”

I laughed to myself when I said it because I remember my own Mom saying those words. I also remember how little they helped during a crisis, but I said them anyway.

I found the other side of that coin today, while chatting with a girlfriend. Continue reading →