INTERVIEW: Benjamin Walker & Teresa Palmer Discuss Their New Movie “The Choice”…and farts.

I got to sit down and chat with Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer today. You might know him better as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter or as Chris Hemsworth’s nemesis in The Heart of The Sea. You probably know her as the lovely Julie in Warm Bodies, but you will soon know them both as the stars of Nicholas Sparks’ new movie The Choice. I’d give you a description but it’s a Nichols Sparks flick coming out before Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you can figure it out.

Now, I’ve been interviewing celebrities for a million years and I have to say that they’re not always pleasant. Sometimes they don’t want to be there so they take it out on you. Other times they’re hungover, or just tired of being asked the same questions over and over again. Sometimes they’re simply assholes. I have to say that Ben Walker and Teresa Palmer are two of the sweetest celebrities…hell, PEOPLE I’ve ever met. They were both warm and funny and if I hadn’t been kicked out of the room by their “people,” I’d probably still be there chatting them up right now.

That’s why I feel kind of bad about posting this interview. See, somehow we started talking about farts and Ben told us about the Fart Contests he has with his wife. He just happens to be married to actress Kaya Scodelario from the Maze Runner movies.

Thanks again to Ben & Teresa for being so sweet and accommodating! Hope he doesn’t get into TOO much trouble!


MOVIE REVIEW: “In The Heart Of The Sea” Might Make You Seasick

In the Heart of the Sea tells the story of a monstrous white whale, but it’s not the same whale story we’re familiar with. No, this one tells the REAL story of the doomed Essex, which Herman Melville based Moby Dick on. Chris Hemsworth plays the First Mate of a ship that is attacked by a whale and then lost at sea for months. We learn about the ordeal from Tom Nickerson (Brendan Gleeson), who is the only surviving crewmember of the Essex. He has been wracked with guilt for years and reveals big secrets to Melville as he recounts the whole, harrowing tale.

In the Heart of the Sea is directed by Ron Howard, who brought along his favorite crew members from the movie Rush (including Hemsworth, who can still pull off beefcake when he’s gaunt and scarred). Howard also uses his Rush cinematographer, Anthony Dod Mantle, which brings me to my biggest problem with In the Heart of the Sea. The camera is EVERYWHERE, constantly being thrown around to the point of losing focus and sometimes even sight of its subject. I think Mantle wanted a new and interesting way to convey the motion of a ship at sea, but the camera is shaky even when they’re docked. It’s distracting to the point of frustration and sometimes even dizzying. The commotion is exaggerated by the 3D effects (which is how I saw it) so I recommend seeing this movie in a traditional 2D format. Believe me, the 3D effects do not enhance the movie enough to justify barfing up your Junior Mints.

There’s also the issue of a big reveal later in the film. It’s a terrifying secret of the Essex crew but the audience will see it coming from miles away. Maybe we’ve seen too many lost-at-sea pics lately (Unbroken and Life of Pi come to mind immediately) but this has become familiar territory for us. In the Heart of the Sea feels anticlimactic and predictable, thanks to this, despite attempts to tell an old story a new way. I’m afraid that I can only recommend In the Heart of the Sea to those who love a good seafaring adventure, who are also not prone to motion sickness. – C-