A Haunted Night on The Queen Mary (A Secondhand Ghost Story)

Twice in my life, I’ve been woken by things I can’t explain.

The first time was about 4 years ago, when I was roused by something tickling my foot. I pulled my leg back under the covers and sat straight up in bed, but there was nothing there. The second time, I woke up crying out in pain because something was pinching my calf. Again, there was nothing unusual in my room and no signs of trauma on my leg, though it hurt like hell.

I was fully asleep in both instances though, and can’t be sure they didn’t stem from dreams. I’m also prone to vivid nightmares, which could have played a part in the realness of it all. In other words, even I, the person who experienced these things, can’t vouch for their validity. They ARE the reasons, however, that a friend’s recent story piqued my interest.

Mark Walters is a fellow Film Critic and an all-round good-guy (You can-and should-find his website at He’s one of my favorite movie-buddies and we compare notes about films on a regular basis. Mark is also about as no-nonsense as you can get. He doesn’t over-exaggerate and isn’t prone to hysterics (like SOME people…me), so I was shocked to hear his recent story of paranormal activity. Continue reading →