PODCAST: “Captain America: Civil War” Review for TRENDING TODAY USA

I’ve been covering movies for Rusty Humphries on Trending Today USA (USA Radio Networks) for months now, and I have to admit to loving the guy. I have a tendency to like anyone who likes ME, and Rusty doesn’t hide the fact that he enjoys having me on. I always like chatting with him but this week was extra special because Rusty just picked up WGST in Atlanta, GA as an affiliate. See, I grew up in Atlanta and though I started my radio career there, I haven’t been on-the-air in Georgia since 1996. That’s why I was about to burst today, when my review of Captain America: Civil War aired on WGST for the first time. It’s even more appropriate that it happened right before Mother’s Day because my Mom would’ve LOVED this. She’s no longer with us, but she would’ve been so happy to hear me back on-the-air in ATL. Click HERE to listen to my review and think of my sweet Mom when you do.

Mom & my inexcusably fat cat Brer, who is also no longer with us. Possibly due to his all-brisket diet.
Mom & my inexcusably fat cat Brer, who is also no longer with us. Possibly due to his all-brisket diet.

MOMMY-MOVIE-REVIEW: Is “Captain America: Civil War” OK for Kids?

Those of us who have MARVEL fans for kids have some big decisions to make this weekend. Oh, its NOT whether or not to see Captain America: Civil War. No, that’s definitely going to happen because we’re just as excited to see it as our kids. No, we have to decide when and where we’ll see it, and IF we’ll spend the extra cash for full-blown IMAX 3D.

See, we wouldn’t miss Captain America: Civil War if The Hulk himself was blocking the door, so this blog isn’t for people like us.

No, I want to talk to all the other parents out there who DON’T watch the MARVEL movies with their kids. If you have little ones who have no interest, you’re excused. Go watch Bubble Guppies and eat Cheerios with them but for the rest of you, why? Continue reading →

Julie Says So “Captain America: Civil War” Movie Review (How Ant Man Stole the Show)

I saw Captain American: Civil War last night and, I’m not gonna lie, I was crazy pumped. It was extra special though, because I got to see it with my three favorite movie buddies; Rebekah Black and my daughters, Emma and Lucy. You can hear what we thought about the movie in the podcast below and let me be clear. Ant Man didn’t exactly steal the show, but, in a split second, he managed to become our favorite Avenger. Enjoy our review and remember to share your own thoughts on the movie in the Comments, once you’ve seen Captain America: Civil War.