BLOG: Help Local Kids Bring Fresh Water to Uganda

My friend Brenda Rasco has some pretty amazing kids.

Her 10-year-old Parker is taking part in a summer academic camp called Junior DECATS Dallas. That’s where Parker learned that kids in Uganda don’t have fresh water. He also found out that those same kids often travel long distances just to drink from dirty rivers, which can make them sick. They spend so much time seeking out water that they don’t often get to go to school. This upset Parker so much that he decided to donate all of his savings to build a well for these kids. Evidently, Parker had earned $205 by doing chores this year and was planning to buy an iPad Touch. Instead, he said this to his Mom.

“Since you and dad provide for all my needs, I want to donate all my money to build a well in Uganda so those kids can go to school.”

How sweet is THAT? So Parker is donating his allowance AND he’s taking part in a WATER WALK this Wednesday to honor the struggle of kids in Uganda. The goal is to raise $3050 to build a well at the Ongutoi Primary School so the kids can focus on their education and have the clean water they need. Click HERE to donate and between you & me, I hope Parker’s parents go ahead and get him that iTouch.